1/3 pound (150 g) european blue plum!

I was at a specialty store in Ottawa, yesterday, when I came across huge “Washington blue Italian plums” ! Look at this beast! What cultivar is this? It had a split pit and rot inside, unfortunatly. But I ate around it and it was delicious!


I don’t grow it but maybe long john? Raintree describes it as large elongated prune plum is pointed on both ends and a beautiful blue-purple color with amber flesh. It’s definitely bigger than my biggest Italian this year. Does anyone grow Long John?

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They are delicious when baked in a cake or tarte. I grew them in RI. That plum though looks like Epineuse.

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My Epineuse have more regular oval shape, the plums on the photo are more “bumpy”.

Epineuses are lumpy .

Stan took this pic from the internet. The lumpy ones are imperial epineuse. Look atvArboreums and keepers plums.

I believe there is a prune variety called ‘Grosse’.