2 in 1 hole

I watched a bunch of videos on it and decided to try it. Planted bare root this past January. Dapple supreme and emerald drop. Only thing is I didn’t realize they were on different root stocks. They seem to be doing just fine but it’s only been 11 months in the ground. We will see if it sets fruit next summer.


I have three sets of three in one that I grafted on Bud9. The growth seems similar enough so far. An experiment really, and we shall see if it “bears” out.

Grenadine, Appletown wonder, St Lawrence

Cora Grand greening, jumbo, candy crisp

Fletcher sweet, Williams pride, glockenapfel

I’ve tried to mulch the holes but when I let the chickens out, they immediately throw the mulch all over the place. I might try a small fence around them or some other deterrent.

Experiences with your own three in one appreciated. I know there are certainly pros and cons.