2 issues with recent apple bench grafts

I have about 30 bench grafts in the ground that seem to be almost all taking, including my interstems. Unfortunately I’m seeing 2 issues and am not sure if they are related.

The first is that some (particularly on my Wickson crab crafts) are showing swollen buds with green about to pop, then I see a few drops of what look like brownish dew on the outside of the bud and by the next day they’re brown. They’re not dried out, but they’ve gone brown almost black. On one graft, I rubbed the effected bud off and the rest seems fine, but on another one it looks like all 3 buds on my scion are effected. I can live with a few not making it, but was wondering if anyone had ideas what this might be. Possibly fire blight? Most of my grafts are pretty disease resistent crab apples, so if it is FB maybe that is why I only see this on a few types like the Wickson. If this is FB, I guess I better get rid of any that seem effected pretty quickly since they are all planted very close together to grow out this first year.

The other thing I’m seeing is the presence of about quarter inch sized little bugs. They look a bit like baby roaches, but definitely aren’t. At first I thought they might be stink bugs, but they don’t really have the right body shape… maybe they are a nymph form. I’ve also noticed some smaller ones that are bright green, but I’m not sure if they are the same. I don’t know if they are related to the dying buds or not and also whether I should be concerned about them, whatever they are. Below is a picture. Sorry it is out of focus on the actual bug, but my phone isn’t very good at close focus. Also, I will be pinching those buds out, but wanted to check on these other 2 things first. So could these be connected to the dying buds? If not, do I need to worry much about them - maybe give them a shot of water and dish soap? By the way, they are also on some blackberries that are close to my grafts.

Any thoughts?

In case you can’t see it right away, the bug is on the stem of the flower bud pointing toward the left of the frame.

Its hard to say what happened to your buds without pictures. FB would be a good guess. It also could be some bug chewing on the buds, that did in one of my grafts this spring. The bug looks like some kind of cricket? I don’t know any bug like that causing big problems.