2015 has been a great year

I know , I know its only December but I can’t tell you how much I hate to see 2015 winding down. We had a bin buster of fruit in 2014. This time of year we had trashcans filled with fruit sitting in the kitchen still waiting to go into already full storage. Thankfully 2015 was the right amount of fruit and not another 2014 where every visitor to the home left with 30 lbs of fruit. The orchard grew exponentionally due to heavy spring rains. I find myself again feeling very fortunate and thankful Scott made this forum and it like my orchard continues to grow exponentionally. Much of that has been due to the expert knowledge here from experts such as Scott, Alan, Olpea, Fruitnut and many others to numerous to mention. As much as I hate to see 2015 go I must admit I’m excited to see how we can as gardeners and fruit growers take it up a notch in 2016. Thank you all for your patience and expertise your contributions to the forums have been very valuable to me.


15’ is not over yet. Looking at the forecast, We should be able to transplant trees until Christmas.

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If the weather holds for a few weeks we will have a lot of trees to move! I can’t wait!

Looks like you were right and the weather held and I was planting trees today!