2015 Varmint Report

Every year I’ve been posting my annual varmint report of the animals that
I have disposed of, mainly by trapping and some by shooting. A little late this year, but here goes. All of the cats went to animal control.
2015 2014 2013 2012

Squirrels 18 25 54 21

Rabbits 3 10 7 4

Possums 10 15 13 6

Raccoons 5 5 1 2

Foxes 1 0 0 0

Cats 0 3 6 4

Snakes 1 1 0 0

Hawks 0 0 1 0

Sorry, but edit button would not let me line up things.

Mouse - 1

I don’t keep count but my tally is mostly coons.

I’m ballparking here…this is for a 1/4 acre lot…

25 rabbits…
10 squirrels…
30+ voles…a couple house mice…but they seem to be pretty scarce around here.
1 opossum

Voles here, and I’ve seen the first ones for 2016. Getting the traps ready. They love raspberries.

Ray, do you consider hawks and cats “varmints”? Aren’t they helpful? Same with foxes and snakes. I haven’t seen my cute little Long Tailed weasel this year, think my mouse/rat count must be down. But, I think I may have smelled him this morning, down in my walk and pick orchard.

My count: 4 pocket gophers (thank you, swimming pool, #bestgophertrapever)

I think it’s just counts of critters that found their way into his Havahart style traps. The silver fox and hawk were unexpected inmates.

Ah, got it. But, they’re Haveaheart traps, so that’s good :slight_smile: Bet the fox and hawk were pissed, lol!!

I caught one squirrel and then one possum in my havahart trap. I let the possum go.

I have cats, they come and go at will through cat door. So they roam my yard and maybe neighbors. They sometimes sleep under the shades of fruit trees. My fruit trees never have any problems with squirrels, even though I have birdfeeder and squirrels come to eat bird seeds all the time. I just have to net my peach trees when fruits are ripe so birds don’t get them.

A neighbor just across street from me said squirrels get all her peaches before they ripe, she eventually had to pull out the peach tree. So I credit my cats for protecting my fruits from squirrels!

Outdoor and Feral cats will survive fine on their own, they will catch mice…Why not just let them go? I don’t think they hurt fruit trees. I know some people object outdoor cats because of birds.

If you send them to animal control and animal control would send them to animal shelter, and they most likely will be destroyed.

I trapped a feral female at another location and released it at my house. Once she had her first litter she started hunting really well.

I opened the back yard gate so Bugs could get in. Does that count as 1?

To answer all of the questions, I only bait my traps with sunflower
seeds and apples. We have a leash law in my county that applies
not only to dogs, but to cats as well. I don’t intentionally try to trap cats,
but when I do they go to animal control. I consider cats varmints, because
they kill a lot of song birds that I attract to my yard. Last year, I counted
11 nests and these birds are not only beautiful, but they also consume
countless insects that attack my crops and roses.
As far as the hawk goes, it was a very bold bird that attacked my 82 year
old neighbor. I helped to pick her up off the ground. When she asked me,
if I’d take care of the varmint, I did. It was a nuisance and needed to be dealt with.

I posted a long narrative about the fox, which I presume is still available
for anyone to read. When I had the duct work redone under my house, the guys that were doing the work came across a 5 ft. black snake and refused to go back to work. So I had to kill the snake. I might add that since the demise of the snake, my yard has an abundance of lizards, which are great at eating insects. So you might say that with the combination of insect eating birds and lizards, I practice organic gardening.

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