2018 Grafting Thread



Looks like the Wickson grafts took.


Looks good! Wickson is quite vigorous on my Frankentree. It fruited second year. It sets very heavily and would benefit from thinning even so it’s a crab.


Last years Fuyu graft on N. American Persimmons. Not too bad and a couple fruits to boot!

This years Dapple Dandy on Moorpark Apricot going crazy. (upload://b1kOqPlefn6t7yqeghPxJqN7y1Q.jpeg)


I got the bed mulched Thurs, the electric fence up Friday and snipped off blooms today. Lots of blooms on the Crab grafts.


Remember, you have to put crab grafts in sideways for them to grow the right direction …

(Please! Nobody take this seriously!!)



This is part of my ongoing experiment to graft colder climate varieties to my well established warmer climate trees. Last year I grafted several sticks of Roxbury Russet. All but this little one failed, which was the last of all my grafts to start leafing out, and is on my Dorsett Golden… This stick is so thin there is no way it could support the weight of fruit, and I don’t have anything else that blooms this late so I guess it really wouldn’t matter. Can someone growing Roxbury in it’s typical zone tell me when they begin to leaf…


Just a grafting tip, don’t use Harbor Freight electrical tape. That is what I had around this year so I gave it a try. It is thicker and not as stretchy as the main brand tapes. Fine for wires but not what you want for grafting.


It worked very well for me although I remove it after grafts are growing vigorously.


Bark grafting works with pomegranates too! I grafted my pomegranates very late. My bark grafted/T-bud combo with citruses are growing crazy right now. Yes, I never trim off the blossoms of my new grafts and sometimes they form into nice quality fruits in the same season. I haven’t encountered any grafts that have slowed down because they bore fruits for me. I let the new grafts decide if it wants to drop the fruits or carry on. The parafilm and rubber bands just dropped off on their own, at the proper time when the grafts have grown and the union healed very well.


VERY relieved that my Gold Rush scions I used to attempt to work over a Golden Delicious have all taken! I was very, very anxious as I cut off the main limbs of the tree I’d painstakingly pruned from a wisp of a seedling. Not sure what I would have done had it not worked. 14/14 takes!


I suspect it will work, or at least I hope it will as I used it on several trees. It seemed to me that it was thicker and stiffer than 3M and the other brands so I could not stretch it as much and get as tight a union. Guess I will find out how it works.


For good reason! Glad to hear it’s working. On a peach tree I cut down one scaffold to redo, and the grafts failed, and the scaffold died. I now have a small branch grafted right above where it’s at. Hoping it will survive and grow into a new scaffold. It’s so small though, I had to strip fruit off the new cultivar the branch is way too small for fruit this year. The new branch comes from one of the two remaining scaffolds, has room to develop into a full scaffold.


Starting to see takes on my grafting done 2 weeks ago . Trying to finish my last grafting of the season .




Had a fast wake up and bloom season, this tree wasn’t even in bloom 3 days ago! In laws wanted this grafted over to edible varieties as it was a really bad tasting green apple that was very funny shaped. Bark was slipping fantastically so here is hoping. Put on their favorites Empire, Gala, Paula Red, & Sweet Sixteen…


Thanks to @Quill for scionwood!
I cut each piece into two and grafted them both. So far both Goldrush trees and a Sweet 16 have started budding out.




You’re very welcome, my friend. Enjoy!


This is White Gold cherry grafted on Carmine Jewel a month ago. IMG_20180524_094946732 I also grafted Starkrisom on CJ couple years ago. The grafted branch has fruits this year but is a bit smaller compare to its mother plant



It is now apparent that my Saijo graft has taken onto Coffeecake. It’s so nice when something successfully takes!


Lasgerdi white apricot has definitely taken, and is busting out!