2018 Grafting Thread


One thing I love about Rosseyanka persimmon is the perfect crotch angles and vigor. I grafted this tree last year on an American understock. It produced the three side branches in perfect form with an equally perfect central leader. This made an excellent candidate for a multigraft persimmon tree. The pure Asian persimmons don’t seem to produce wide enough crotch angles.

Hybrid interstem with perfect structure (in my opinion):


Transferred my grafts from a group crates to individual 1/2 gallon grow bags


Volunteer security guard performing his rounds on electrical tape graft.

Jiro persimmon grafted to a seedling from a grocery store bought Fuyu is growing vigorously.


Dragonflies are as old as dinosaurs. Aren’t they neat?!


Just got some free time this evening and topworked one of my 8 years old Nikita’s Gift to Rossyanka Hybrid persimmon. Rossyanka can handle the cold to -20F with very little die back.



How many days did it take to see buds starting on the pictured jiro graft?


It took about 45 days before it began growing. Same with a Chocolate Persimmon graft on the same tree.


Probably the last graft I’ll do - my neighbor’s Sweet 16 to my Frankenfuji


Some of my scions dried out already, so I think I’ll follow your excellent example next time and wrap the blessed things all around with a single layer of Parafilm. Can’t hurt!

Very pleased to find Rosemary Russet and Shavel Sharp (cider apple from state of Maine) have taken! (Will take a photo one of these days soon.)


How’s the three flaps coming Jerry? And Bark’s? You have the Midas Touch now? See how strong those three and four flaps stand after wrapping them?



Grafted a bunch of fig seedling scion that was collected in Oct 2016, almost all of them look like they have a good chance. Only used parafilm on about half and didn’t notice any advantage over rubbers so far. They were stored in a ldpe bread bag, tied, and wrapped in a hdpe grocery bag, a few had begun to mold but luckily not the ones I wanted, soaked for 36 hours prior to grafting.


All the ones on the left that are growing vigorously are chip buds. Man do chip buds work for persimmons.

Kanza pecan field graft. This and the next photos are field grafts in my landscape and are just breaking the tape. Dax

(2) Hark pecan scions (bark graft.)

(2) Mullahy pecan scions bark-grafted:



The Rosseyanka graft has also taken to my Coffeecake persimmon.


My latest persimmon: Giombo

That makes 7/10 persimmons to break bud and grow. However one was killed by psyllids in infancy. A couple more have been damaged a bit but will pull through and the others are going through daily inspections and preventative measures. Here are all 6 together: 4 Tam Kams, 1 Tecumseh, and 1 Giombo.


PS I don’t need 4 Tam Kams. :joy::joy::joy:


Insurance back up!



@k8tpayaso Nice job!



I had really good advice from others here! :wink: @Barkslip


Bout 10 days ago this unknown roostock (box store purchase before i knew anything) lolipop crabapple was at pink status, i grafted it to freybury, looks like another success. :laughing:


Other than kitchen table grafts, I don’t have any far enough along to make good photos…up in the great white north and all.
I did some chestnuts May 16th, and bagged them 'cause frost is certain that early here. I hoped the bags would protect them against light frosts.
For some reason, I forgot to tape a bird perch alongside one…and chickadees are heavier than they look :frowning:
The other two have started, just 12 days yet, but I’ll take a photo when they are more noticeable.

I did 8 more yesterday, two different trees, and repeated one scion lot on two seedlings in the house for gifts to the folks who gave me seednuts this spring.
I’m trying to get the MR to take up grafting, not sure he will…but you don’t have to be good at it to start, just too stubborn to quit. grin


Some pics of the three bench grafts, done in the first of March, potted up about 6 weeks ago. Looks like they’re doing well.

Goldrush/M7, about 17" long now. Has a droopy leaf on it, don’t know why. Other leaves look OK, maybe it’s a bit dry, so I watered it and the others this morning.

Snapp Stayman/M7, about 8" now

Suncrisp/M7, about 6", hasn’t put on a lot of growth. Maybe need to prune off one of the sprouts?