2018 Grafting Thread


I bought and planted a GoldRush this year also. I know I’ve had CAR in the past, but I couldn’t resist trying. I’m willing to go non organic to get those apples!


I chopped off the top of my white gold cherry tree and grafted a jubilee plum.
Hope it takes.


I hope that’s what it is. It was the only graft I did at the seminar, and wonder if I had botched it. I’m still not assuming it took just because of a little green nub now, but we’ll see. The other two I did at home a couple days later.

It was a day of firsts for me today. I potted my first ever apple grafts, and did my first mass scale pruning of my apple trees. I was kinda pained to do that much cutting, but I know it’s probably for the best.


Ok thanks. I suppose I could put them on the east side of the shed. That way they’d get filtered sun in the morning, a bit of direct sun later in the afternoon, and full shade after 3pm or so.

Just gotta keep the cat out of them somehow. He might think they’re new litter boxes…


Wishing you luck but I think you are fighting a loosing battle there. Don’t be surprised to see what looks like an early take followed by a slow decline. Most plums play well together but cherries are a completely different beast.


I’m doing a similar experiment with an Adara plum scion. Grafted it to the top of an old bitter almond. The graft has taken and the scion is leafing out now. If it survives the into the summer I may chip bud some sweet cherries onto the Adara.

Long term graft compatibility is somewhat doubtful but its a fun experiment.


Did the white gold not taste good?


This was last years. Wanted to show you how I placed them. Also, North Side and not South side as I said earlier. Sorry. There are trees here from the prior year as well that I had put the pots in the ground to keep from freezing during the winter. I have several pots in the ground this year that will come out and I will either plant them this spring or find a new home for them… or will plant in fall… just depends on how they do and how other trees in the orchard do. I’m thinking of thinning a few out that I have two many of the same or just aren’t producing well… OR… are hard to keep scab off of…


Yes, I am concerned that it may not last. But worth a try!


Compared with store bought cherries, these are pretty blah! All my home grown fruit is MUCH tastier than anything I can buy. Except for cherries. So I plan to get rid of them.


Lapins is a good cherry that does nicely here in the PNW. I do have to net it though as I have competition from the birds.


Yes I have Lapins too. It is good but not better than the Rainier or Bing that grows East of the cascades. I might get rid of this tree also.


I agree growing sweet cherries right is difficult.


Totally agree. Of all the many varieties of fruit I grow, my backyard sweet cherries are the only fruit that do not measure up to store-bought ones, not even close.


You make a good point. For me my one multi grafted cherry tree is a novelty that doesn’t get much attention since store bought cherries are so good.


Since it’s going to be about 28 tonight and 25 tomorrow night, I brought the potted apples in. I put them in the hall under the light bank to give them some light for a couple days. I usually have veggie seedlings under it, but will be starting those in a couple weeks.


Bark grafting pear, this years video :smiley:.


About 336 completed grafts, another 250-300 to go.


Over Achiever :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Here’s something on a much smaller scale. Grafted few peach scions on my seedlings.