2018 Grafting Thread


Too much condensation. Be sure to keep it wiped nearly clean. A light mist only on the inside, subdood.

Some pears and cherries. 25 of 25 cherries and I swear it looks like 174 or 175 pears :slight_smile:



Wow, you have been busy Dax. Are you going to leave them in the containers till autumn or replant during the summer?
When you graft in hundreds you usually get in trouble with space and lack of containers so I am often keeping more rootstocks per 1 container as well. Then usually carefully replant out in the soil anytime during the year cause by autumn it would get too crowded. Plants do get in shock and wilt but if you water enough they eventually pull through and recover. Just wondering if you are doing it the same way


Here is clarks little yellow, starting to push some growth out the top of the wax.


Great Jason! Keeping the torch burning. I grafted it yesterday. A beautiful 68 degrees day. I did about 20 pear grafts. I chopped the Yulu Fragrant pear to 5 small sticks with one bud each. Hopefully a few will take for insurance.



…except for a few leaves worth of Geneva 30 on a lower branch or two, until the scion has gotten a good start. Then trim away the competing growth. Much better mileage that way - for that particular root stock.


Why is that? Is it because it could cause damping off? I can’t really prevent the steam, with a warming pad underneath warm, moist soil. When they start sprouting, I’ll take the lid off.

Good job on all the grafts, awesome % of takes. Just where are they all going?


Are you sure you referred to my post? If so, Which one, please?


Yep, dampening off/rot. I just didn’t want anything poking thru to be ruined for you.

I’ll temporarily put them in-ground for sale for next spring.




Thanks, I’m pretty stoked to see my first ever grafts take. I need to keep them outside more, but don’t want them out there when we’re getting heavy rains. After the rain leaves tomorrow, back out they go. I did notice when they were out in the sun, they’d droop a bit. It’s not because they were dry, because the soil is damp. They do perk up under the lights, so I guess the sun’s a bit harsh for them now, but I’m giving them sun gradually until they get used to it.


It is growing strong on a root sucker on my old tree. I will have more scion next year if you need it. Hope you have good luck.


Looks like I’m about two weeks from grafting. I’m glad to hear the little yellow pear is working for you; I’m sticking that one on this year, as well as some others. This time of year is exciting!


Precisely the same way Paul.

Thanks! Having too much fun :slight_smile:



I had 2 sticks each of 25 different apple varieties. I used 1 stick of each for 3 bench grafts, 2 of each on B118, and 1 of each on M111. Stuck them in a couple totes of moist pine shavings to heal, then 25 will go in forever homes while the other 50 go in a couple of raised beds for possible future sale.

Very anxious to see how this goes. Will use the other 25 sticks to make a Frankentree with this crab(pic from last fall).


Liberty graft on my Joy apple. This was one of the first grafts I did with my new grafting tool may 5 or 6 weeks ago…you can see it was a pretty small stick, but it looks to be doing really well.


About 11 days ago you mentioned the need to rub off emerging leaves from root stock after a successful graft. And I concur! The one exception I know of - and this is only because I use that stock regularly - is Geneva 30. It is important to limit its growth to a few inches worth of leaves until the scion has gotten off to a good start.


Why, what happens to G30 if you rub off the leaves? Does it have a greater chance of dying?


That is my understanding. I have read it in at least two sources, and find in my own experience, that leaving a few leaves to feed the scion for the first month or so improves the scion’s growth. Once the Gen30 stock is shorn of leaves, it does not push new.


King David graft on my unknown apple tree from about 5 weeks ago.ugly graft but it worked…


Looks solid!


I’ve not had any tree on G30. It’s good to know. Thanks.