2018 Grafting Thread


definitely appears to be solid I was probably a bit premature in pulling on the tape and some of the callous came off with it, but I think it should be ok…


sweet 16 graft to my unknown apple tree. This one really took off and in only 5 or 6 weeks old.

Red Fuji graft from last year on the Dorsett. Look at that ugly graft…I didn’t think this one was going to make it but there are finally signs of life.


Hi all!

Just a quick questions for the veterans of grafting. Yesterday, one of my scions (Sweet 16) had nice and swollen green buds. Fortunatly, I also had a crabapple (Prairie Fire) in my yard that was starting to break bud too.
I tried to graft the least swollen buds, but since I’m just starting and my knife skills are nothing to write home about, the best graft in my opinion is a cleft graft that used the most green buds. I also t-budded some buds but the bark might have been more cooperative with a couple more days under the rain.

So my question is, should I tent the graft to make sure it dosen’t dry out? Here’s the forecast of the next week:

I sadly don’t have any pictures since I was in a rush yesterday and it was starting to get real dark outside, and since now they’re wrapped nice and tight it might be hard to judge the graft.

Thanks a lot!


I finished grafting pears yesterday, our weather has been on the cold side so I grafted pears on three different dates. The earlier grafts have been very slow to take but are showing sings of bud swell now. I also grafted a seedling apple on Emla 7 just for fun yesterday


Harvest queen on a little multigraft tree


Oscar mulberry on alba rootstock

Pakistan mulb on alba rootstock

Maybe premature but my fingers are crossed:

Tecumseh persimmon on D virginiana

Li jujube on jujuba rootstock

Orange Beauty jujube on Honey Jar seedling (Thanks @castanea via @jujubemulberry)

R4T3 jujube on Lang

I’ve have a few more that are looking good but I have felt the agony of defeat a lot this year… :persevere:



Update of grafted Flavor King on Mexican Plum rootstock. Coming along very nicely.


For the next two nights (Sunday morning and Monday morning) the low temp is predicted to be in tbhe mid 30s. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings look to be in the mid 40s.

Day time highs are predicted to be: Sat: 70, Sun: 54, Mon: 65, Tues 77, Wed: 81, Thur 84, Fri 80

My question is, is it too cool to graft this weekend or should I wait until next weekend? I’m confused and paranoid about low temperatures!


That’s good grafting weather.



Time to do some peach grafting I think.


Thanks Dax!!




I did about 50 apple grafts on 118, 111 and Antonovka - and they look like they are doing pretty well! A few were a little higher on the rootstock than I would have liked, but the scions and my rootstock didn’t always play nicely sizewise. Can I just plant those lower in the ground to lower the graft union? I’m excited that they appear to be doing so well for my first try! I only see a couple that look like they possibly didn’t take (and they were mostly Macoun so I think it could have been the scion). Thanks to everyone here that helped me succeed :slight_smile:

I saw my pear and plum rootstock shipped Friday from Raintree, so I will have some more to play with soon! I’m having fun with this. I wish I had gotten brave sooner!


Hi Amy. I don’t know whether it’s me or Macoun but I have grafted Macoun several times to my frankentree and it never does well- it takes, but languishes. It may be that it’s fussy about rootstocks; I don’t know.

I can be a pretty poor grafter, but sometimes it’s not us- sometimes it is something else.


I tried it on 118 & 111 and neither look viable at this point, but maybe I’ll be surprised. I wrote down that I did an Antonovka too, but I can’t find it at the moment. I’m sure it’s mixed in there somewhere!


so promising! Especially the li budwood with strong upright growth :muscle:
and thanks for acknowledging @castanea re: orange beauty since it is castanea’s


Cut back an apple tree that was probably 4 years old at the most and grafted Goldrush, Pixie Crunch, and Hoople to it. The tree never did even flower one single bloom. Will post some pics soon. Finally getting some nice weather to graft to existing trees.


Went for a walk around the trees and it looks like I have 100% take on pear grafts and 100% on cherry. Too early to be sure but everything is showing green growth.
Peach and plum on the other hand are at less than 50% so far. I’m expecting it to change within the next week or two. If no growth starts by mid May, I’ll cut them out and graft again.


Grafted Nadia @Vincent_8B , Dripping Honey @Sophia2017 , Sweet Harrow, and numerous different PawPaws @Hillbillyhort tonight. Holding off on peaches and plums for another week or so. Looking for some constant warm temps.


I grafted TS hardy on march 17th, it took forever to wake up but finally it is showing signs of growth. It is supposed to be a vigorous pear and I have it on a large rootstock of some type of ornamental pear that is very fast growing. This may grow into quite a large tree eventually.