2018. NAFEX meeting

2018 NAFEX Meeting , Mark your calendar . !

Hope to see you all there.


I see Jerry Lehman is event chair- would like to hear him talk about his pawpaw and persimmon projects.


I would bet he will be there !
It will be a great place to talk to a lot of really good people.
It’s the one on one talks around the coffee , etc. that I like most.
Recommend putting it high on your priority list for 2018

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Oh my. …!
It’s going to be so fun !
Just sayin…

Was so good.! !
Not a single member … From here… That I know of…
Was hopeing to meet some fellow members…
It was so good. Did not want to leave. But everyone else did ,eventually…
So I did.
Was such a good time. …really good people…
The kind you would want to have a lot of coffee breaks with.
YOU …, should’ve been there !
Hopefully next time.
It was kind of overwhelming.
A lot of info…
Still trying to process it all…
So many world class people …
So much knowledge in one place…
Just Sayn…


Did you pick up any tips you want to pass along?

I wanted to go, but am in DC for work for a while. Couldn’t take the time off… wish I was there!

Yes, lots of tips.
I will work them in to the forum , in appropriate places, time permitting.
The best tip in this post is:
Go… Next time if you can !

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