2018 Seed Catalogs


Johnny’s has their catalog out already! They’re stealing the march on the other seed vendors


I went last week to Baker Creek’s site and ordered their free catalog. I got theirs from last year, very nice, even tho I didn’t order anyhting from them.


Reading through it right now!


My orders from Johnny’s and Tomato Growers Supply Co. arrived today. :grinning:



Ooh, seeds…

What didya get (if I’m not being too nosy)?

I almost pulled the trigger on some seeds from Ohio Heirlooms last week, but thought I need to hold off for now.


The green-highlighted are existing plants. I ordered the rest and all except the potato starts have arrived. :slight_smile:


Richard, What are the dimensions of those beds or cells?

King Richard Leeks? Any reason you picked that, LOL?


Read through it last night, beautiful!


Each cell is about 30" x 30". For example, here’s one of the tuber cells during harvest of yacón. The cell dividers are 4" wide and 30" deep. The outer walls of the beds are 6" wide:

Ha Ha! Seriously though, best I’ve grown over the years.


Thanks. Nice variation of veggies. That looks like my layout sheets I do of our plots. Very nerdy, but that’s me.

In yoiur climate, are some of those plants perennials? Do you ever get a freeze?


Yes, the green-highlighted herbs (except the Nasturtium), plus the strawberries and sweet potato, sometimes tomatoes and peppers, and of course the Licorice which might be perennial in your climate as well.

This particular location is highly influenced by the ocean 8 miles west of here. One of my immediate neighbors has been operating a weather station since the mid-80’s. His last recorded freeze (temps below 32F for several hours) was in 1992. However, one mile to the east of here it froze for at least that long last year.


Placed my order today, noting that Johnny’s is already sold out/backordered of several varieties