2019 Grafting Thread


Can I get it at Home Depot?

I like that it has bright color coating. I can spot it from far away.


Yes. Home Depot or any hardware store.


Thanks for the suggestions @k8tpayaso and @danchappell… both seem like viable possibilities. I just sprayed that pear and another cherry graft that was looking a little rough. Perhaps interesting for anyone else with a similar issue, I have several apple grafts right next to the pear that show no damage at all.

Thanks again for the input!


Grafting some very old mulberries


Wow, thats an interesting technique. Looks like you put in some Morus Nigra and other. What kind of mulberry is the “rootstock”?


Yes, Morus Nigra on unnamed white mulberry variety.


Different way of doing graft by cutting out half of the main trunk. Too much work for me to handle. Most of my bark graft took about 3 minutes and I did at least 100 grafts this Spring.


Re-use red wax from little cheese rounds? Brilliant! I’ll give it a try, even though I have plenty of green grafting wax - just because it’s red.


It makes the graft very visible!


Luscious Pear bark graft on Amelachier (Serviceberry / Juneberry / Saskatoon)

Spartan apple summer bud grafted to a seedling apple last year and cut off at the bud this spring:

Darned if I can remember what I put on the root stock of this Gala that had FB:

This is a 3 year old Luscious Pear on Amelanchier, it’s finally taking off (Amelanchier canadensis grows wild all over our property):

Redfree summer budded on a seedling last summer and cut off at the bud(s) this spring:


Thanks Andy thats cool that pears can be grafted onto saskatoons too!


Way too many grafts here to share them all. I have several varieties of peach on Krymsk 1 (I think) Baby Crawford, Rio Oso Gem, June Pride. I have Kaweah going on a plum interstem. Lots of persimmons coming out nice. A cherry doing great, and one that was doing great and croaked.
The one we watched the closest was the Franquet walnut we grafted onto a black walnut seedling we found and relocated here a couple yeara ago.
Hubby and I each did a whip and tongue about May 2nd. Finally after about a month of rubbing off little pink sprouts the grafts started growing.
This picture was taken on June 5th

Joint projects are the most fun!


@Pris really nice Pics and great job grafting on an old tree! Question what is the red and white paint/ sealer that you used ? Thanks


@joleneakamama, looks good, you now have some of the best peaches available! Hope you get peaches next year and you can let us know what ones you like the best. Let me know if you want to try O Henry and Red Barron next year, I can send you scion for both unless you already have them.


I am super looking forward to peaches from these new varieties! Peaches are my very favorite…I’d say fruit…but probably food even!

We bought an O’Henry last year. The tree had a super small root system and didnt get enough water…(died) … .but I green grafted a sprout last year onto a apricot plum interstem and it is still alive.
Poor thing got nibled by sheep…TWICE! Sigh…life is complicated when you are raising children, and animals, and an orchard.
Good thing the children are worth the trouble!
I may ask for scion if my experimental O’Henry doesn’t make it. Thanks for the offer @fruitgrower!


First successful graft- at what point do I cut off one of the scions? Caution would tell me to wait a year but I thought I should probably consult you fine people. It’s a bergamotte esperen pear on ohxf 333.


In my opinion let them grow together and heal over the stump and then cut off the weaker of the two.


Thanks Clark I was hoping you would chime in.


Katie, you had better put up a stake for a bird perch and if you already haven’t, cage that since it’s so low to the ground. Rabbits and clumsy shoes, and who knows what could damage your work. Birds believe it or not will land on those even how low they are.

One last thing you should know is that wind can easily blow out bark grafts. You’ve got a lot of root power and I expect those grafts to grow rapidly. A bird perch and stake double together to tie the growth to and to stop birds from landing on your scions.

Last year I grafted to a walnut at my neighbors and forgot I did it until months later on a similar size rootstock and several scions had grown 4-6 ft. and when I got back to it all were blown out from the wind. I’m still marveling how you were able to put those scions in there that low to the ground. :+1:



Not to worry, it is surrounded by hardware cloth. I have had too many losses due to bunnies already. I moved the cage so I could get the pic. :slightly_smiling_face:

The rootstock was from a moonglow pear that died over winter. I dug it out and regrafted it indoors, replanting in a new spot. The moonglow had been grafted really low, so that’s just what I had to work with! It is very windy here so that does worry me. It has a big 4’ currant bush right next to it that will hopefully shelter it a bit until it gets big.