2019 new Four years from now thread

I ran across the old 2016 Four years from now thread and so I thought I would post one for this year… I wonder how the efforts did for those who posted in that 2016 thread… Life has a way of changing your plans… I have had my plans changed numerous times in my 33 years so far…
As a boy I had a blast planting and raising my citrus grove, my persimmons, pear, figs, and my bananas were so delicious that a storebought banana tastes bland and forgettable in comparrison!! Everyone said I had a green thumb even as a child, but my secret was my pet chickens, their manure combined with sunlight and water made everything leap!
Heres my back yard as a teen:

My pumpkins at age 9:

And heres when I got big into tomatoes in my early 20s:

But anyway, now that I moved to Kansas and am establishing a semi-planned orchard, here are a few of my goals for the next 4 years if God blesses us with health and more years to enjoy His creation:

  1. Establish my young trees ive planted
  2. graft more cultivars at least 1 on each pear/apple/cherry etc for better pollination and added fruit variety
  3. airlayer “fruit after dieback” figs, kiwi, grape, and other berries and small fruit plants to plant one between my bigger trees like pear, persimmon, apple, etc which are 20 ft apart in their rows. (The rows are 25 ft apart…)
  4. Airlayer at least 1 of every type of jujube scion I have to get bushes on their own roots in my new rows.
    I usually dream too big and adjust as I go along… :slight_smile:
    What are yall working to achieve in your growing the next 4 years?

Futile I know, but I’m suggesting the automobile manufacturers make a full sized pickup like the one in the picture for under $10,000 sales price again!

Forget the computers, forget the automatic transmission, the automatic windows, just the essentials. Even AC optional.

Nice work for a youngster, by the way!!!

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Four years ago, Vicki and I started a small home orchard, planting several apple trees, a couple pears, a couple verieties of University of Saskatchewan cherries and Haskap bushes. Soon after, Vicki died. I tended “our” orchard as a part of the grieving process. I have recently gotten remarried to an amazing, sweet lady and we are eagerly anticipating our first harvest. It won’t be this year. Several of the trees bloomed but a severe hail storm nocked most of the fruitlets off. The serviving apples are very disfigured. The trees appear to be recovering and there’s always next year! In four short years, my world as I knew it ended, there was a time of darkness, then a new, wonderful chapter of my life began. In four short years…


Thank you for sharing Deff. The old song says “Time is filled with swift transition…” And that is so true… Many blessings and I am glad to hear that your fruits are continuing to advance as well!


Thanks Blueberry! Yes I agree a basic economy model would be great you have my vote!!!


What with the upheavel in the past two months…who knows where we’ll be in 4 years.

If things continue to get worse, the government will be following websites like this to see where the food is so they can ‘redistribute’ it.

Would not surprise me in the lest. You see Apple and Google putting together a program to tell anyone (read: government) who you’ve been near in the last few weeks. (So as to warn them of possible virus?)

Be it gold in the basement, fruit in the orchard, or stockpiled masks in the storage room…somebody wants it, they fight to take it.

(If they know about it.)

*Of course, you could box up your smart phone and mail it to an address that doesn’t exist…and it come back to you. That would confuse Apple and Google as to who you’d been in contact with!

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I agree! Well I sure hope things hold together…
I cant wait for my orchard to be mature and if we ever have tough times I can share with my neighbourhood!! Hopefully in a few more years I can start tasting some fruit from my prized plantings! Jujube and persimmon especially!!! !
It has been very warm here and everything has bloomed and began to grow… Except the persimmon and jujube… We are supposed to get a blast from the past(winter is supposed to be past, Right?!) Day after tomorrow into the mid 20sF!!! So good bye peach, apricot, plum, pear… While I am continuing to grow them, the areas for their future expansion is continuing to shrink and the designated areas for more persimmon and jujube are continuing to grow! Apple area is staying the same.


It is down to 23 degrees here tonight. Bye bye stone fruits.