2019 pick of the day (no text)



gonna call you the figman! :wink:






O’Henry peach is about ready to be pick before the coons beat me to it.





@btle So good looking… plum/pluot and grape variety names please…


Thank you. Please click at the bottom of the images, the name should be there.
This is the first time we have nearly unblemished fruits with no bird or insect marks. The tulle cover helps a lot. Also, it is easy to shake the trees in the containers to collect the fruits. The tulle tied around the bottom of the trunk cushions the fruits so they don’t bruise and turn sour.


@btle The Thompson seedless is my favorite grape, I grew up eating it in Egypt and have occasionally found it in farmers markets in Delaware, yet without the variety name… I was trying to figure out what it was called in English, and thanks to your post, now I know :blush:.


Spokane Beauty and Belle de Boskoop


And Belle Baby!



Hi, I think this belongs in the “Wildlife in our gardens” topic. :wink:
As stated in the first post “Please contrbute pics of your fruit picks, just for fun no words please.”


True, sorry all. Don’t worry I didn’t eat it.