2020 berry and harvest report


Some mulberries are starting to ripen.


Nova raspberries are definitely having a bumper crop despite dry conditions the past few weeks. I have 15 feet worth of this berry.


mine are flowering now. :wink:


6 more weeks until your harvest then? It’s one of my favorites given the large berry size and sweetness.The canes are also strong enough that they don’t require much if any support.


they fruit faster up here because of our short growing season. should be ready in 2-3 weeks.


First year for Jewel black raspberry. I’ve had about 5 of these containers so far with plenty left to pick. The plants are growing like crazy. Guess it helps that they are planted where I kept the compost for 8 years. Also, I’ve not seen one bird bother with them.



Prime Ark Freedom really producing in year 2.


Right before I picked it on Monday. First one off my own plant, the second berry was half eaten and chewed by something the next day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: is it normal for one berry to be ripening at a time on a single cane? It’s still blooming new flowers too, I’ve been manually cross pollinating this plant and my raspberry shortcake, not many flowers to catch the attention of bees.


Juneberry production continues, like a second job picking, cleaning and freezing these bad boys


Yeah the spread out ripening is normal.

Birds are probably what’s getting the berries, I found that as production increases the losses are not noticeable. For me at least they go much harder after other berries.


This is what the kids brought in today. I’m sure the other half of the harvest was tasty for them.


Yea I’m guess it was a bird, the branch didn’t get broken but was kind of bent. it’s still green and being held up by that arrow I’m using as a stake. I’ve lost nearly half the berries that have ripened so far, but the ones I’ve picked were delicious. I’ve gotten a small handful of blue berries off my perpetua, but it’s foliage is growing rapidly. Raspberry shortcake has some berries that are showing signs of turning red.


My Natchez blackberries have been rolling in.


Golden currants. I haven’t been processing them. Just stuffing my face :slight_smile:


I’m growing Jewel too…biggest berries i’ve seen on them and the heaviest crop i’ve seen. I’ve been picking for a few days now…this was just from this afternoon. Judging by the pics on this thread, it’s a good year for berries.


The birds finally realized what the black raspberries were and gobbled them up. I had already put my netting on the plum tree so little I could do. It’s okay, we had plenty and I’m sure the birds were happy.
Your berries look great. How old is the patch?


Maybe the 4th or 5th year…but it keeps moving…they really do spread and the canes are razor sharp. Those things are amazingly sharp. Make a good barrier for roving hordes of mutant zombies.


Berries everywhere. These are destined for smoothies.


Himalayan blackberries.


I can’t bring myself to ‘like’ your Himalayan blackberries. I am still digging thorns out of my fingers and shins. I still have more to surgically remove from rose bushes. I hope you like the flavor, because I can’t get into them.