2020 berry and harvest report


It’s good straight up no doubt.
I use a sieve to remove berries, if left for a long time and they fall apart it may be better to use a jelly bag or cheese cloth. Makes for a nice clear liquid.

red and black currant infusions

I have done raspberry and Magnolia vine berry before too. Raspberry is amazing and extremely good. Next year I will do Pink currant.


If you have patience, try making some berry wine/mead, it’s very good with blueberries and blackberries. I use 6lbs of berries, with 3/4gal of water, and 2lbs of sugar (or 3lbs of honey) as a base. Some basic equipment and sanitization chemicals is highly recommended… but not absolutely required if your careful lol.


a friend of mine does this with chokecherry and its real good! ill have to try it with raspberry.


my cascade gold raspberry in the ground isn’t producing any fruit, but there’s no obvious disease.

my CG in a container has what appears to be a fungal infection. numerous black specks on the leaves (maybe a quarter of the leaves) and powdery white growth on the stems, especially at the bifurcations. i think i’ll close the cascade gold chapter. it was nice while it lasted, but i’d like to grow a berry plant that’s more disease-resistant and productive. . . and thornless.


Did they bloom at all?


My most productive types are Himbo Top and Prelude. The former probably wins. Yes Cascade Gold is not very productive here either. I know Brady likes the other Cascade (which I forget the name?) I would like to find more like the ones mentioned. I think some local types are, I have to look around for local commercial plants. I’m trying some Canadian plant, K-81-6. See how it goes…