2020 berry and harvest report


It looks like a decent year for berries.

Honey Bunch haskaps

Captivator gooseberries

Joan J floricane crop

Samyl elderberry blossoms— these are so fragrant!




Misty Blueberry in zone 9b


Some Misty Blueberry harvest


Sweetie Pie blackberry


just put in galetta and archer strawbs. 25 of each. my AC wendy and pineberries should fruit this year . starting to push new growth.


Very nice. Yesterday I was checking out our raspberry blooms, which bees are pollinating. I really had never seen a close-up of rasp flowers, so don’t know if they looked right, but after seeing yours I guess they’re okay.

Your gooseberries look like they’re along the same timeline as ours.


Those are supposed to be good varieties, did you get them from Indiana Berry? Did you have to clear out any snow to plant them?

The 26 Seascape I planted a week ago have all sprouted leaves. I noticed one looks like it trying to push out fruit buds. I’m going to be pinching off any blooms until July so they can get established. Hope to get a few berries off them later in the summer.


It’s hard to say for sure but I think your raspberry flowers are ok. It looks like a lot of your flowers are in petal fall as well. The ones in my pic are the tiny developing fruits. I can take a picture of actual flowers with petals in a couple days when I’m off from work again.

My blackberries don’t look very promising. Many hundreds of Natchez and Osage flowers are opening now but the centers are dried up and black! I really hope our late frosts did not damage the buds that were unopened at the time. They are floricane only so I’d have to wait until next year for another shot.


Thanks. Hope you’re doing well. Would you say you’re back to 100% yet?

Yeah, my blackberries are blooming too, but I don’t know if they’re viable yet. We had some mid 20s freezes while they were setting fruit buds.

I did see what looked like some dark centers on the rasp blooms, but I’ve seen those on other pics, so they prob are ok.

What do you do with the elderberries? Jam or jelly?


I feel practically 100% other than not being able to smell or taste everything like I used to. Thank you for asking! I think there’s some hope for me since I was able to smell the sweet elderberry blossoms.

I’m going to try to make elderberry flower syrup. It sounds like something tasty to have on hand or just as a gift to a friend. My bushes are very large so there are many flower panicles. I’ll make elderberry fruit syrup if I can protect the ripening berries from the birds. I lost my crop to them last year since I wasn’t diligent enough. They were eating the berries before they were fully colored.


Good to hear you’re feeling better. That’s weird about the taste and smell issue. But, it sounds like it’s improving.

I have berry plants scattered all over the farm, I don’t know how I’m going to keep the birds off all them.


My strategy was to outproduce what the local bird population could eat. I definitely succeeded with raspberries and blackberries last year. I have those everywhere, and they keep multiplying. The birds definitely took their share since I now see raspberry and blackberry seedlings popping up all over the place, even in my fig pots. They still murdered my haskaps, juneberries, blueberries, elderberries, and clove currants last year.


Strawberry rhubarb crumble cooling and turnovers are in the oven. Makes fighting of the birds, bugs and vermin all worth it.


yes i got them from indiana berry. snows gone except a 2ft spot that will probably be gone tom. they are just starting to put out new leaves. the warm weather in the next 7 days should get them off to a good start and give me a chance to taste a few.


First strawberries and they are very good. Not sure which variety I’m picking, they had a ton of runners last year and are all intermingled now. Chandler and/or Ozark Beauty.


The one on the far right is definitely an Ozark Beauty, I recognize it’s distinctive shape.


First harvest of the season - Caroline and Double Gold (there might be a tiny Fall Gold hiding in there)

The productivity should ramp up in June. This year I should have all the colors


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind as we sample them.

First fruit of the season just makes me happy :slight_smile:


It looks like my raspberries will be giving a good harvest in a few weeks.