2020 berry and harvest report


mara des bois are small here too. they are plenty sweet but i find they aren’t as interesting as say earliglow. sparkle has a little bigger berries and tastes better imo.


I wonder if people really have Mara des Bois? As no way are regular strawberries competitive against it. They turn a deep red, not ready, then a fire engine red, ready. If you can’t taste alpine red flavor in it, it’s not ready. That’s why I like it, it has a deep, rich multiple flavor to it. If it’s one flat flavor it’s not ripe. They take forever to ripen. When they turn red, they are not near ripe for another week or two. They are also very aromatic, fantastic fragrance.


I can send you R/B , Giombo and KBS.when you need them, just let me know.


I will always need them. Love persimmons. I am happy to buy them from you.


Do not want persimmon fruit or sionwood or both. No problem, let me know.


Looks great. Do they send runners and multiply? Very efficient use of space with garlic!


its possible I’m not letting them ripen enough then. ill let them set a little longer. should get a big crop of them tis year. they spread out of my strawberry pyramid and rooted in my wood chip mulch and lawn. they’re crazy vigorous! mine came from indiana berry i think.


my early may planted archer strawberries are all flowering. i should pinch them but they are so big already, ill leave them to fruit. might set them back a little but not much.


MdB does produce runners but I don’t see many.

Talking about planting things together. On the other side of that bed, I planted onions in 3 rows and planted carrots in between those onion rows. We’ll see how they will turn out.


nice! I don’t think the insect pressure here (slugs, earwigs, pillbugs, etc) will allow me to plant them on a simple mound. I have to do a raised bed or some other way so they don’t touch the mulched ground (with traps).


Juneberry season in full swing picking a gallon every day or 2, 3 large ziplocks already in the freezer, only downside is its been rainy so berries a bit watered down/cant let fully ripen or they will rot…nice to have a bounty rolling in


First bowlful of rasps, mostly Prelude, Nova, Caroline, and a few Fall Gold berries.

Prelude is prolific, but tend to be a bit tart and bland. Nova is bigger, has more raspberry flavor, while Caroline have the largest berries, and good flavor.

Wife is making a little bit of jam with them. Our black rasps are starting to turn.

Blackberries are forming, but none are turning color yet, while the wild blacks are turning pink.

Here’s the jam, kinda seedy, but seemed to set alright.


This morning I tasted the first berry to ripen from my first blueberry plant. I’m Waiting for my very first fall gold raspberry to ripen, I’ve never eaten a fresh picked raspberry, let alone a yellow one. This is from a single potted cane I got from a local nursery.


@subdood_ky_z6b I too prefer Nova over Prelude. ACC Eden and Joan J are nicely flavored in my opinion as well.

@Seamonkey84 Is that variety Fall Gold? You’ll have many more next year if you plant it in the ground. It’ll form lots of new canes.


my acc eden , prelude, cascade gold and joan j are flowering now. should get a decent 1st harvest this summer. my autumn brittens are growing extremely well and are also flowering. this is my favorite raspberry so far. not as big a producer as my polka but the taste better with a good sized berry… well see how the others compare. wanted to try growing fall gold but it fruits too late here to get a good fall harvest.


Do you get a fall harvest from any of your other varieties? Where I’m at it starts the fall crop earlier than all the others (including Prelude), usually around the 3rd week of August. It’s my only variety I have that consistently produces a full crop and is done producing before first frost.
Prelude and especially Heritage are usually still going when frost hits.


I get a heavy fall crop from Joan J starting the first week of August. Prelude and Nova produce more modest fall crops but it’s still a nice bonus.

@moose71 Can you grow Fall Gold for just the summer crop? It produced a decent summer harvest here but was too thorny so I removed it.


Its in a 2gal pot now, but I just bought a couple 10gal fabric plant bags to try. It has already grown 3 new canes and a sucker towards the edge of the pot. The plan Is to put them into beds once they’re built, I don’t have any sort of yard, just paved parking lot/driveway.


I know you asked Moose about Fall Gold’s summer production, but I have FG and it’s producing berries now. Those yellow berries in my bowl I think are actually FG, not Anne. They seem to be sweeter than the red rasps, but that seems to be the norm. I do know that both Fall Gold and Anne have sent up lots of new canes.

Eden has produced a few berries, but I haven’t had enough to form an opinion.

All my new canes are getting attacked by J beetles. I have flick off lots of them every time I go down there.


not much here. frost kills the plants mid sept. here.