2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Looking great. Is this before thinning?


Yes. My trees are very young third year in ground. One of apple have like 400 Apples and will remove 90%.



Beautiful, does it have a name?

I just bought a Charlotte Bronte David Austin rose. I can’t wait to get those big many petaled blooms. It has the look of having a button in the center like the big flower in your first picture.


Actinidia eriantha blooms today. This is an exceptionally hardy selection grown from seed several years ago.


Hi @Katie_didnt_Z4b, the first rose is called Lavender Veranda, it’s a Kordes Rose. I’m a big fan of Kordes roses. Lavender Veranda’s flowers look pink with full sun, but they have the most beautiful shade of lavender in the shade. In my humid location we can get crazy amounts of black spot, they are the most disease resistant roses I’ve ever had! The last one is a David Austin rose called The Ingenious Mr.Fairchild. This picture shows the two shades of Lavander Veranda, I love it!


Very cool, that is a big difference in color! I have never heard of Kordes roses, I am pretty new to rose growing. I’m going to have to check them out now. I have not ventured into roses much because it’s too cold here to grow the more beautiful and fragrant varieties- I am going to try to protect this new rose in the garage over winter though and see how it goes.
I am not sure if we have black spot up here? It does get humid in the summer. I do like the last rose, the Austin- it looks like it is nodding.


Kordes roses were bred in Northern Germany, they are known for their disease resistance and cold hardiness. I do love the David Austin rose, it looks like peonies! Both are fragrant.


Weigela is in early petal fall, but the roses and daisies are blooming strong.


I’ve been growing Obsidian,Newberry and Columbia Star Blackberries for a few years.bb


I posted some of these in the ‘Pomegranate Success’ thread . . . but they are sooooo pretty - I’m putting them here, too! Took them tonight - after hours and hours of steady rainfall. Everything is glowing! And more rain expected over the next few days with that Tropical Storm out there off the coast.

My pomegranates are ‘laden’ with buds and flowers. Even the ‘3 year olds’! I hope to have fruit this year, on a few of the ‘newbies’. We’ll see.

My older ‘granada gal’ - out in the front landscaping has more blossoms than ever before. :heart_eyes: I upped my fertilizer (used 10-10-10) - and laid down a shallow layer of compost with manure late this winter. (Guess ‘she’ liked it!) I was holding my breath - wondering if I’d burn the feeder roots. But - guess not. The difference, this year is amazing.


Wow. They are very pretty!


The Pomqueen is appropriate here. How may varieties do you grow. I use to grow some here in Arkansas, no luck.


@aap Bob, I have 22 varieties. I don’t expect them all to make it - long term. Many are listed as ‘cold hardy’ . . . and they are doing very very well. The ones that like warmer winters . . . ‘not so much’.

They like good drainage. I have a few that are planted in low spots - and that may be why they are struggling. When I planted most of them, I amended the soil with sand and some gravel - to aid the drainage. But some just went in the ground. My soil is a sandy loam . . . with a good bit of clay in spots.
What is your soil like? And your winter temps? Maybe those 2 things were the problem? My biggest threat, here in VA, is FUNGUS . . . because it is so humid here in the summer.

‘PomQueen’? Wow . . . great pun! In a couple of ways!
Following that lead - The Queen had to miss her ‘prom’ this year. It was cancelled due to a virus.

I call my oldest and most successful (so far) tree ‘The Queen’. !
I’m just ‘the queen’s gardener’! :blush:


My soil is clayish with a lot of rocks/ quartz. Winter temps are a bit much for them. One of the big problems I had were stink bugs. They lay their eggs at the end of the fruits. I had counted more than a dozen per fruit. I hate them more than anything, two kinds green ones and a brown.
Do you have favorite one, one to die for?


So far I have only gotten fruit from the 2 older ones. Wonderful and Granada. Both have terrific fruit. (I like that sweet/tart mix.) Arils on the large side - with seeds, of course.
But taste better than ANY I have ever had from grocery stores.

I don’t know how any of my new ones could beat them for taste! But I can’t wait to find out!


Today 05-20-20 thinned my two peaches and took away about 200 and left 100 on the trees.
Its lot of peaches but my trees are only three year old.
Is anyone else thinned their peaches yet ?


I did the final round of thinning today, and bagged about half of them.


Would have loved to thin them but Mother Nature decided to only leave me a couple this year :man_facepalming: Great to see others have been a bit more fortunate though :+1:


I am thinning a little every day. Much less to thin this year due to the Easter weekend freeze, but I am lucky enough to still need to do some.