2020 pick of the day


I think this is what you would call the main crop for figs. I like them all when they are ripe and cold from the fridge.
Garnsey: very nice, big, moist and sweet. I love the pink color inside that only comes when the Panache (Tiger) fig tree has fruits in summer.
Panache (Tiger): the striped one on the right: it is not ripe yet.
Brown Turkey: most fruits split at the eye, so I have to pick and let them ripen on the counter because of the ants. Very good when ripe
Janice seedless: the one on top of the Brown Turkey figs: firm, even the skin is so sweet.

Garnsey, Panache, Brown Turkey, and Janice seedless

Garnsey, Brown Turkey and Janice seedless

More Zinfandel grape: they only had liquid inside the first year or two. After we planted Thompson and Flame, they have been firm like table grapes so we can dry them.


Wow great day of picking! Many countertops look like that.! Lol.


Looks great! Those peppers are huge. My peppers were a flop this year, hopefully they pick up when it cools off a bit.? What kind of paste tomato is that?


Thanks! yeah I was impressed myself with all we been getting lately, the bell peppers did really good.
The tomatoes are Juliets !!!

Good luck with your peppers hopefully they produce better for you once the weather change.


Harvested these yesterday and today. Some of the Tomatoes are over pound and close to one and half pounds.


Nadia Plums,about 23 brix.bb


THIS IS WHY I GROW FRUIT!!! I have given away 18 boxes that look exactly like these 3. Neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. I enjoy growing fruit so much, and I also love giving it to people and having them go wild over how much better home grown fruit tastes. People seem to appreciate these boxes so much. And as you can see, there is a lot of fruit in each box!

I ended up with a great peach season in spite of the late frost that got almost all my plums and cots. Yep…harvest time is what makes it all worth while. I took a box to a little widow lady who lives alone near me and so help me, she almost cried. Her exact words, verbatim, were “honey, there isn’t anything else in the whole world that you could have brought me that I would appreciate any more than I do these. I just love fresh peaches so much!”. wow… now THAT makes it all worth while!!!

A different box I left beside someones back door :


Every seven days its blistered shishito’s! Whats great is every 10th one is pretty hot so its like a lottery.


These peppers are also really nice chopped up in stir fries, a very aromatic pepper indeed.


Jonagold apple: dropped because it was windy. Very good balance of sweet and sour.

Zinfandel grape

Passion fruit: It is so hot today we wanted a nice cold drink. If waited a few more days the shell would be wrinkled, the inside would be more orange color and sweeter. With some sugar the drink is so good, but not everyone likes the seeds.


Thank you! I will have to try that 4 out of my 32 peppers are shishitos this year and its going to be 8/32 next year. Been using poblanos in stir fries and making pepper casseroles out of my anahiems and italian wax peppers, still waiting on jalapenos and santakas but keep most of those for dried red chili pepper.


That’s what I end up with! When I bought my plants y bought some poblano plants! That turned to be shishito’s instead. :thinking:

They taste pretty good. We fried them a little bit and add a little bit of salt! They go along with so many dishes.



It hid and got huge so I’m sharing an unsolicited cucumber pic! (Still tasty however!)


Tomatoes :


How old were your Flavor King before they produce? I am growing two in North Alabama and they are 3 years in the ground now.


Storm’s A-Comin . . . Uh Oh.
A little rainstorm came through earlier this week. Not much moisture - but some hefty winds. Tore the ‘mess’ out of my big beefsteak tomatoes. :weary:
Now they are predicting ‘Isaiais’ - heading our way. And none of my larger tomatoes are ripe, yet. Most are Green as ‘the Giant’. I hope I don’t lose the vines to the hurricane.

Between trying to stay ahead of the diseases - the worms - and now the storms . . . these poor tomatoes struggled. But, DAMN, they look good right now!

German Johnsons

Boxcar Willies


Rezha peppers are in. While I like them dried and ground into powder for cooking or sprinkling on dishes, they are also great roasted, grilled or sauteed which softens up all the corking (not great mouth feel raw) and lets out a sort of raisin like rich sweetness with the heat. One of my favorites!


Sorry, I don’t know exactly.
I have three in containers, ~20-25 gallons. One was planted a long time ago. The other two I got them potted from the nursery about two years ago, when they were more than one year already. They set fruits after two years.
I hope someone with trees in ground from bareroot will reply and give you a better answer.


Mine produced after third year in ground so you can expect next year.