2020 pick of the day


Pink currant and elderflower


I steam my eggs also.
The variety of Strawberries is Sparkle.


Hi, store bought eggs will be just fine to use for pickling eggs. I have a old amish recipe for pickled beets with eggs and it makes 2 quarts. I go off of that recipe to make a pickled beet brine for 1 quart of pickled eggs. You can adjust this recipe to fit your taste preference. Use a bit less sugar if you want it less sweet (I prefer less sugar) and use less spice or omit spice as needed. Another option is to slice a small red onion and layer in jar with the eggs.

1 dozen boiled or steamed, small to medium eggs. Peeled and cooled.

3 small beets, washed
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
1 cup cider vinegar
1 bay leaf
1 tsp. Mustard seed
1 tsp. canning or kosher salt
2-3 whole Cloves
1/2 tsp whole Allspice
1/4 tsp celery seed

In large saucepan combine ingredients and let simmer, covered, for 14 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

Add your eggs to a clean quart size jar. Make sure to leave some headspace. Pour cooled pickling brine over eggs covering completely. Cover and Refrigerate for at least 4 days.


I steam my eggs also.


Thank you for the recipe, a lot of people will be very happy. :heart_eyes:


You are so welcome! I actually take a little taste of the brine to see if it needs a bit if adjustment in flavor. Also, the eggs will absorb more color from the beets if you let them sit in the fridge for at least 4 days. Every day, shake the jar gently and turn upside down. (Make sure the lid is on good!) This helps the brine to get all around the eggs so the eggs will absorb more color evenly.


Three grands picked blueberries today and after they finished I picked the cobbler berries. Throw in a few green ones and the lemon juice is optional.


My 6 year old picked these today from his garden bed.


Balatons are in. They finished before the Montmorency this year, that is a first!
Not a lot on this year, but they are much sweeter than normal.


Today I picked cherries from 4 different trees, sadly all unknown varieties:

Propably a cherry schnaps variety

A kitchen variety :

Table cherry and cooking cherries mixed:


Man thise look awesome when they reach the black stage they’re pure sugar!


They are! I ate some for dinner, they were almost too sweet!


Methley Plums,from some scions of @ramv.bb




Sugar Twist pluerry: a lot bigger and sweeter after a week, the skin is thinner and less sour.
Burgundy plum: good when crunchy and sweeter when ripe. After so many fruits with sour skin, it is a nice change.

Shiro, Santa Rosa plum, and Snow queen nectarine

The unexpected: Pink Pearl and Dorsett Golden apples. There were some codding moth damage so we picked one of each.
Pink Pearl: not supposed to ripen until September according to the DWN tag, very sour but crunchy and the skin is thin. The small and thinly slices turned out to be so yummy in a taco salad.
Dorsett Golden: so tiny we were thinking about replacing the tree after this season. It tasted very good so the tree is saved.


Columbia Star Blackberries.bb


Maybe it’s the angle in the photo, but these don’t look like Methley to me, more like Beauty.


Beauty is grafted onto another tree in a different part of the yard and the skin hasn’t changed from yellowish green yet.
I did try Ram’s Methley and the flesh was deep red,so that should be a positive ID, when they ripen.My Beauty has somewhat amber flesh,with red sometimes near the skin.
It could be the angle of the camera.bb