2021 Fruit Tree/Shrub/Vine/Berry Orders

Here’s what I have ordered so far. I still need to decide on rootstock and scion wood and I plan to place an order with Jung because I have a credit there. Also planning on picking my order up from England’s so I will probably add to that order while I am there if he has some interesting rare things (which I am told that he does).

Indiana Berry:
Yellow Raspberry - Anne
Red Currant - Jonkeer VAn Tets, Rovada
Gooseberry - Black Velvet, Hinnomaki Yellow, Jahns Prairie, Poorman
Aronia - Nero
Bush Cherry - Jan, Joel, Joy
Elderberry - Marge, Nova
Honeyberry - Hokkaido, Blue Mist, Blue Pagoda, Blue Sea
Lingonberry - Ruby, Magenta
Paw Paw - KSU Atwood

Burnt Ridge Nursery:
Elderberry - Blue
Current - Golden
Honeyberry - Berry Blue
Huckleberry - Buried Treasure
Paw Paw - Campbells NC, Penn Golden
Cornelian Cherry

Edible Landschping:
White Nanking Cherry - Ian, Gabe, Jules
Juneberry - Success, Jennybelle

Jujube - Lang, Li
Black Current - Crandall

Jujube - Honey Jar, Shanxi Li
Nanking Cherry

American Persimmon - Prok, Early Jewell, Celebrity
Asian Persimmon - Kasandra, Rosseyanka
Jujube - Sugar Cane, SO
Asian Pear - Shin Li, Raja
Paw Paw - Benny’s Favorite
Pecan - Kanza, Mandan, Pawnee


wow, I just have to ask - are you digging all of those holes yourself? I hope you have help! :slight_smile:
Nice list for sure! You are going to be busy.
I have a Marge elderberry that I like quite a lot. That’s the only named variety I grow, the rest are all natives.

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Berry blue isn’t that great of a honeyberry. You already have better varieties, so I would cross that one off your list.


@KSprairie I have help lol but I wouldn’t mind if I had to do it by myself. :slight_smile:

@northwoodswis4 I appreciate the recommendation but I am collecting specimens to experiment with. I don’t only grow fruit for fresh use, but I also make jams/jellies so I want to see which combinations make the best spread. Additionally, I want to try my hand at wine, so I will want to experiment with different combos where that project is concerned as well. Finally, I’m also interested in cross pollinating and planting the seeds to perhaps come up with new varieties. :slight_smile:


I’ve ordered from all of those places except for Gurney’s. I’ve been satisfied with all of them. Even though it’s on the other side of the country, I’ve ordered more often from Burnt Ridge than from anyone else. I’ve currently got orders in with Indiana Berry and Burnt Ridge.

I just received my order of gooseberries from Lucile at Whitman Farms. She is highly recommended. Always sends large healthy plants. She also has amazing Japanese maples if anyone else is interested in those.


I ordered from Adam’s County for peaches and Nourse for blueberries. Those are my go to’s for trees and berries and I would highly recommend them to anyone ordering in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area.


@RobThomas I appreciate the recommendation for Whitman Farms. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@maineorchard I like Nourse too. I usually try to buy what I am interested in at as few nurseries as possible due to the shipping costs. If I could have gotten everything on my list for a good price, at one nursery, I would have just made one order. :slight_smile:


I got some currants from Whitman last year. Very nice sized bare root bushes at a nice price. She also has stuff that isn’t listed, so if you’re looking for a particular variety, you should ask.

My only purchase so far is a Juliette cherry from Gurney’s. I got a gift certificate, so the price tag was easier to swallow.


Thanks for the second recommendation.

I have 2 Juliette Cherries from Gurney’s that I planted 2-3 years ago. I had to move them last year because they were in the direct path of the greenhouse that we are putting up. I hated that I had to do it, but I didn’t have a choice, so I lost ground. I am hoping that they fruit this year.

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I try to buy as much as I can in one place because I find shipping adds up but had to go to different places. I have Jewel, Ann and Caroline raspberries coming from double a vineyards. Never ordered from them so I am hoping they are good. I would have ordered from Nourse farms but they require 5 raspberry per variety. I have a Owari Satsuma mandarin (from petals of the past) and Gold Nugget mandarin coming (fast growing trees order). I already got 5 cherry trees from peaceful valley farms and 3 mulberry from whitman farms (King James, Black beauty and Girardi). For the King James and Black Beauty mulberries I am testing my zone because nigra typically only grow to zone 6 but I am zone 5 but have not got past -9 in years.

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I picked my order up from England’s on Sunday. It wasn’t the best day to go due to the weather, but I made it there and back in one piece. I got everything listed above except the pear trees because they couldn’t be dug due to the bad storm that we got in our region. I pick up a few things in their place:

Mikkusu Persimmon
Barbara’s Blush Persimmon
California Dreaming Che
Seedless CT Che

Cliff was great… he gave me a little tour and answered all of my questions (I always have A LOT of questions :smiley: ).

So far, I’ve planted the jujube’s, one of the persimmons and one of the che trees. The rest are in one of my hoop houses. I am planning to plant the rest on Sunday.


I sometimes like ordering from several places, because that way it staggers the planting a bit, as long as the shipments don’t all arrive at the same time. I don’t order from several places JUST to stagger the arrival, but it is nice when it works out that way.


That’s true. I’ll get 100 rootstocks next week (I hope they shipped Friday). And maybe 35 bare root fruiting bushes about the same time (currants, blueberries). But, temps above freezing outdoors, so shouldn’t be too big a ‘emergency’ to do anything with them immediately.
Towards end of month, 25 more roots from Fedco, plus 100 one gallon bare rooted viburnum from Nebraska. Plus a small order from Jung’s sometime in March.
And early April a few more rootstocks and a new Triumph apple tree.

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I am focused mostly on getting my orchard in place and building raised beds. So far I’ve gotten trees from Vaughn’s nursery:
AU Cherry
Spring satin

Karla Rose
Red gold
Indian cling
July Prince


Well, part of my Gurney’s order came today. I wasn’t expecting it because I didn’t see their email due them spamming me everyday. Yes, part of it is my fault… but if they didn’t send 2 junk emails daily… well, you know where I’m going with this. I’m also very disappointed because they didn’t ship the Honey Jar Jujube. Apparently, they emailed me about it being out of stock on the 22nd of Feb. If I had seen that, I probably would have just canceled the whole order. Again, I missed it due to their spamming (okay, okay, I should have been paying attention since I placed an order with them - I know that part of it is my fault). I called to ask the reason that they were listed if they did not have them. The CSR informed me that they had to reject the shipment that they got due to poor quality (at least that’s what she told me). Anyway, enough ranting. Packing was good and the looked roots okay too:


I forgot to add that the Nanking Cherry and Saskatoon are supposed to ship separately later on this month. I really don’t care all that much about them, the only reason that I ordered from Gurney’s in the first place was because they claimed that they had Honey Jar Jujube for sale. Anyway… off to look for the elusive Black Nanking cherry. :slight_smile:

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I absolutely hate Gurney’s marketing/pricing strategy. Still, I bit the bullet and bought their new rhubarb introduction. Glad to see what you got looks OK.


I saw that intro. I planted about 50 Victoria crowns last year. I’ve never grown rhubarb before, but people kept asking me last year if I had any strawberry rhubarb jam or rhubarb for sale in general, so I thought I’d try it out, especially since it is a perennial. I’ll be keeping an eye for a report from you on that KangaRhu.

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I’ll be sure to report on it. I’d honestly be shocked if it was anything special taste wise, but the extra red color and the long harvest season would make it exceptional for my purposes. I’m not sure if that would translate to increased sales of product in a commercial setting, but it sounds like what I’m after for home use. If it’s tender, too, that would be really nice.

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I tried that KangaRhu last year as they advertised it to take the sun and heat better than any other varieties. Both plants died on me before we even got to summer.

I am really hoping to have much smaller orders after this year, but here is most of what I ordered (most of it already arrived and planted) for 2021:
Nadia cherry plum
sugar twist pluerry
Red Devil Apple
Redfield Apple
Anatoki Pineapple Guava
Crimson Sky Pom
Kaj-Acik-Anor Pom
Sechuan Pepper (Prickly Ash?)
Moorpark apricot
Candy Pecan
Cardinal Persimmon
Confetti Jujube
Empress Gee Jujube
Howard Miracle Plum
Surh-Anor Pom
Grenada Pom
Fuyu Persimmon
Hachia Persimmon
Saijo Persimmon
Mahan Pecan
Coffeecake Persimmon
Arctic Sprite Nectarine
Honey Kist Nectarine
Mutsu Apple
Black Boy Peach
Summer Blood Pear
Indian Free Peach

Will have to wait and see what we lost from the freak weather this winter, but this fills out the last of my empty space. I also ordered some apple scions, as i refuse to have an apple tree that only produces 1 variety!