2021 harvest photos

I have been so busy I have had little time to take photos yet alone post. Category is photos so that is what you get! These Aconcagua peppers are growing on me. Sweet peppers.

Ebony Rose pluots have the darkest flesh I have seen. Camera lightened them. it’s darker than it looks.
Flavor is good, but not my favorite. I dried them, I liked them a lot dried!

Fig harvest is unreal
Osborne Prolific

Potatoes are ready, huge size, and grown in fabric containers. I have 6 containers, this is about how many are in each container. Yukon Golds.

Yesterday I harvested my Flavor King pluots and one Flavor Grenade I missed the other day.
Brix range was 18.7 to 19.4. High for here, very sweet to me, I don’t live in California so never tasted a 27.

I’m having a great ear. Most stuff I harvested I didn’t take photos, no time! All I have except early harvest photos.


Drew, you are producing plenty of high quality stuff, amazing fruits. I got a few pluots/ plums that are producing nothing, lots of bloom, nothing else. No no no no pollinator, having been able to find good ones. My Green gage has produce heavily but not interested in it. I cut it down in half, might cut it down more come Spring and graft better varieties.

I have had my failures too. I lost three trees to a flash flood. Multigrafted trees. I replaced one of them. Not sure if I will replace the others? Most of my peppers were attacked by some insect and ruined. My strawberry bed failed to produce one berry. I try not to dwell on the failures but figure out why.

My Dapple Dandy pluots are almost ripe!

Martinenca Rimada fig

When my plums and pluots start getting soft or ones that were damaged or fell off I dry them. They are so good dried, like candy!


Honey Punch and Dapple Dandy were harvested 9-17-2021. A few examples of the harvest. I have so many I’m going to be drying a majority of them. With a long shelf life no hurry. Flavor Fall is just
about ready too. Then comes Fall Fiesta.

On the 16th I dug these out and I’m not done yet. Wow not sure what I will do with all of these potatoes?


I tried dehydrating sliced potatoes when I had a large supply. First I peeled them, then sliced them about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Then nuked them, followed by dehydrating. I plan to use them when camping mostly… the ones I tried in stew were just like using fresh. I store my dried veggies in the freezer.

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Thanks I may just do that!

All good stuff you growing Drew. Btw your RL fig is doing great. Got to taste a few this year. Another keeper. Thanks.

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