2022 Show Your Veggie Garden

Had to take a day of recovery after planting the kitchen garden. I swear it used to take me less than a day to do this one, sucks getting old. Let’s see your veggie gardens folks, here’s my small kitchen garden:


I sure can’t do all that in 8 minutes!

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My mother heavily relies on me for gardening now that she is in her late 50s. I guess that is the importance of growing perennials over time. It sucks not getting a harvest your first year or two but as you get older things are easier on your bones.

A youngster!


Young is all relative I suppose. I am 25 and people still think of me as a kid who are in their 50s.

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Andy, you rock!


Quick, take a pic before the weeds come back:


I moved last fall and built all the beds this spring, so everything went in really late. It is surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of it! (also, the grass was destroyed during the patio installation and did not germinate in the hot sun as they said it would; it looks awful)


it’s always a chaotic mess. April on left, July on right. our last frost was at the end of May.


Pumpkins really doing well

Brad’s Atomic Grape tomatoes coming on, interesting colors

View looking up the hill, beautiful blue skies. Not as humid today as it has been.

One of my tomatoes in a cage I put over it yesterday

Rows of half runner and rattlesnake beans climbing up their trellises

My tomato patch after I weeded and mowed it, plus added 10 cages to various plants

Pumpkins and a few rows of Honey Select corn