2024 Hybrid Persimmons (interspecies) in U.S

Who’s planting interspecies hybrids this year?

What new hybrid cultivars have you created, or have arrived from overseas? I’d like to add them to this spreadsheet: U.S. Hybrid persimmons list


Question Richard? First thanks for your efforts to put this together!
When the flower space is blank, e.g. Ichi Ki Kei Jiro, does it mean we do not know or it just has not been reported. This year my IKKJ produced seeds in two fruits but not in all, so did my Kasandra. But I’m not sure where the male flowers were to pollinate them since I had removed all male flowers on my Chocolate tree. So I am trying to germinate them to see what happens as they grow out. The only other male flowers from a DK would have been my neighbors Giombo. I suppose that would not be interspecific, but intraspecific. I suppose it’s possible that my IKKJ may have had male flowers, since I did not know to look for them, so that’s why I asked my question.
Kent, wa

You’re welcome, although seriously I am just the copy editor. Dax was a tremendous contributor, and others pitched in as well. I’m happy to continue the project.

Yes, it means yours truly could not find a reference, and none was volunteered by others.

Maybe a thread on IKKJ fertility would be a better venue.

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Perhaps, now that I know this is missing data I will pay more attention to my tree next year to determine if any male flowers develop. Perhaps others will also and a new thread might be interesting then

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