2024 Spring Grafting Thread


I’ve been top-working an established (probably mislabeled) “Prok” tree. Here’s part of this year’s installment. These are four sticks from H-118, bark-grafted to a branch. Two of the four sticks have broken bud. The other two seem to be swelling.

Last year’s Morris Burton grafts are in the background. This year I also added Nikita’s Gift and expanded JT-02, but those haven’t broken bud as yet.


I’ve had bad luck with bareroot persimmon rootstock from Burnt Ridge. I think I’m 1 for 3. Probably my own fault, but if I get another I’ll probably go for something potted. Or try some root cuttings from my existing trees.

Looking good. Did you graft it the same youer you bought the rootstock?

I got 5 delivered around the first of April and potted them temporarily. Four started showing signs of life after 6 weeks, so I grafted them. One smaller stock was dead. Roots were massive.

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Journey hybrid…

H63A… looking stout.


Kip Parker mulberry grafts 1 and 2.

Lawson Dawson mulberry grafts 1 and 2.


I do like rubber strips… get a nice even wrap like you saying to match up the scionwood to the rootstock tightly and can modify if needed, be4 wrapping whole thing with parafilm.

But sometimes on the very flexible/soft wood like pawpaw (esp thinner grafts) i felt like wrapping the rubber bands tight might break the rootstock. so I would do parafilm 1st (so the sticky tape doesn’t stick to the wood for eventual removal), then do the sticky tape tightly around it. Can’t line everything up as easily, since the tight wrapping of the tape happens after the parafilm and can’t see underneath it as easily, but didn’t seem to disjoint the connection that badly and having alot of success with the pawpaws it looks like.

Btw can you find 12-16" rubber strips anywhere? Sometimes, you have these thick scionwoods to graft, and you run out of 8" a bit too quick for my taste (pain to get try to that final knot in after 3 or so full wraps). So i’ll use 2 strips, or tie them together.

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I removed tape from about 20 pear grafts a few minutes ago. Most have grown 2 feet or a bit more since grafting in late March and April. I still have about a dozen more to remove tape and will do most later today.

I have one pear that has a very interesting growth habit. I do not know the name of this pear and just call it “Foley” which is the name of the man who lives in the house. It is a very productive pear that gets some fireblight strikes that never go far back on the tree. Fruit is medium size and ripens on the tree. What is interesting? It grows nearly prostrate! Most pears put up vertical shoots. I have to tie Foley to a stake to get it to grow vertical. The parent tree does not show this growth habit having several vertical limbs near the center of the tree.


I haven’t seen anything longer than 8".

How are you tying them off? I use 5" bands and the only time I have any real trouble getting enough wraps and still having room to tie off is when I’m securing a graft larger than 3/4" diameter. Which would really be best suited to the 8" bands.