25 lb bag of surround results

The large container of surround is messy to get out the small amount needed for a small time fruit grower so I decided to re-bag. The bag made about twelve one gallons.


You should consider selling smaller sizes to those who don’t need 25lbs. That’ll easily pay for your 25lbs bag. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Shipping could cost an arm and a leg!!!

@Auburn, I store it in a couple of Home Deport 5 gal buckets with lids. The lid covers each bucket tightly. I sacrifice a kitchen measuring cup to be used solely for Surround. The buckets store easily in my garage.

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How many trees will one pound cover for you?

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Better question is anyone in the DC area or the Northern NJ area want to 2, 3 or 4 ways?

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Most of my trees are still small so I really don’t know what my needs will be going forward so I plan to move the bags to something like @mamuang is doing for longer term storage. The great thing is that it can be stored forever as long as it stays dry.

Great idea. Thanks

Wish I knew the answer but my wild guess is that one medium size tree can be covered with 1/2 to 1 cup. Others who have used it longer can probable give you a more accurate answer. I will be measuring by cups rather than pounds.

Edit. I just realized this question was not for me. Sorry

I was expecting someone to comment about it looking like a drug bust. Where is @Chikn today?


3 cups per gal of water for thick coverage.
I mix it with water in a bucket (Home Depot should pay me for advertizing). Water go in first. Mix well before pouring into a sprayer.

Mixing directly in the tank, I could not dissolve Surround well resulting in clogging.

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Does it repel the damn Japanese beetle?

Surround is crop protectant that creates barrier flim on the crop we spray it on… The label does not list Japanese beetles. But in theory, I think it could help as long as you cover all the leaves well, which is not easy to do.

I see it Surround as a tool to discourage insect from eating our fruit or leaves since they would could not get to them easily. It also irritates those bugs when Surround gets on them…

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Has anybody uses half strength white latex paint to paint the fruits at pea size for pests protection for an experiment? Could this method work?Latex paint is easy to wash off down the road.


Mike at Edible Landscaping has used surround to deter Japanese beetles. The new orchardist there likes to use Neem against them.

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Morning my mentor, Don Rickles RIP.

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@Auburn, great idea on dividing it up into gallon ziplock-type bags. I’ll do the same when my 25-lb bag arrives in a couple days.

I will attempt to use Surround combined with spinosad to deter plum curculio and European apple sawfly, at least until I can get several hundred fruitlets bagged.

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Surround has made me lazy. My intentions were to bag after the fruit gets a little bigger but right now I have just relied on surround to keep the PC away.

And how well has it done so?

I only have my early pears right now and they seem to be okay. My apples and nectarines are blooming so surround will soon get a real test.

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