3-1/2 feet of snow

As an interesting counterpoint to all of you who have flowers and leaves on your trees, we just got 3.5 feet of snow the last two days. Moderately heavy, spring storm.

Fortunately will probably not hurt any of my fruit trees, as they were just beginning to come alive, and even the most advanced had only gotten to swollen buds.

Now to try and get my tractor started, otherwise I will be snowed in for a couple of days until the neighbor with a backhoe can come visit…


So you are in Colorado?

Be safe that’s a lot of snow!

What is your elevation?


Denver has been in the 30Fs for the last 3 days…nope…not for me…i like 80F :slight_smile:

Yes, in the Colorado Foothills. At about 8300’ elevation. Before this storm rolled in Friday it was generally in the mid to high 50’s here (and about 10F warmer in Denver). Probably will be back to those temps by Wed or Thurs of this week or warmer.

I actually really like the contrast of a snow storm or two in the spring (March and April are our snowiest months), although I do admit that I like it better when the snow falls at a few degrees lower temps then what happened in this storm. That makes for light powder like snow that is easy to walk thru and shovel. This stuff is heavy. It’s real work to walk thru that much wet snow. Would have broken tree branches if things were in leaf (in Denver they were and quite a few trees came down). In any case it will all be gone in a week.

Although personally I find it easier to deal with cold than hot, it does limit the plants and trees I can grow.


8300 feet, that’s pretty high. I was at my grandparents ranch at 8700 feet one summer and we got a wet snow the third of june. It didn’t stick on the ground but it turned the mountain white just a little higher up.