3-in-1 cocktail orientation

For better or worse, I got a 3-in-1 sweet cherry and a 3-in-1 asian pear in the mail recently…

I’m looking for advice on how to orient the three varieties, i.e. shade a much more vigorous one in back with the two others in front to the south or give the most light to the least vigorous one in front to the south with the other two in back.

  1. Sweet Cherry: Bing, Van, Rainier

  2. Asian Pear: 20th Century, Hosui, Chojuro

Thanks for any insights you can provide…

Before getting more practice in grafting, I purchased a 4 in 1 Asian pear from stark. The challenge, as you have identified, is keeping the different varieties to a similar size and vigor. Honestly I don’t see the sunlight orientation affecting the four varieties to much of a degree. I’m struggling with decisions on pruning as their growth habit is much different. I look forward to hearing more about your tree, and hopefully seeing some photos over time.

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