3 polar Vortex, 3 large hail storms and another one…

A lot of damage from P/V, more damage from hailstones,another one on the way for tomorrow. Flowering plants stripped naked, veggies stripped, pluots fruits ruined, what else? Tornado! New roof, broken windows, anything else?
Enough to quit, oh doctor told me to slow down.


I have to admit that I haven’t been hurt by any of those. My citrus trees were under 4 sheets of glass. growing tropicals though have been very difficult at best.

Yikes that’s awful. I’m so sorry. Hail is so disgusting. And a tornado is even worse. Hang in there. You’re tough or you won’t have gotten this far this well. Let us know if we can help.


I think you need a new doctor. Your gardening has to be part of what’s keeping you young. That’s questionable advice at best.


Fruitnut,Thanks for your offer! Got one consolation: other than limb damage almost all of my citrus trees are in full bloom, no leaf damage, strange! Figs? Not bad, new growth gone, old growth? Not bad. I am pumping them an extra dose of fertilizer. These are my container trees. Inground? Cut In half, 3 feet tall now.
Paw2: lots of fruits on the ground but still enough. Roses, completely stripped.
It’s like starting from scratch.
Fruitnut, got the finist collection in citrus, going to drop them off at. Your place during the night.

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You’re welcome anytime, citrus trees in tow or not.

I look up to you. Hang in there.

Fruitnut, one of my citrus in bloom, looking good! Other trees in bloom also, so looking forward for fall.


@aap I’m pretty sure I just a county or two northwest of you. We have got lucky on the hail with minimal damage so far. Some friends nearby got hammered. We did lose several large trees in the woods to high winds when a tornado was nearby. The polar vortexes have been rough over the last 10 years.

Hang in there! I always look forward to seeing pictures of your harvests!

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You live near Seligman? Got a niece there.Good to know. I live on Beaverlake, Moonshine Cove.

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I’m in Highlandville in between Branson and Springfield. In my head you were on the Arkansas side of Tablerock/Taneycomo/Bull Shoals, but it looks like you’re further West than I thought. Still close enough we get walloped with the same storm systems and such if they’re traveling from the wrong direction. When weather is bad, bugs attack, we get a massive drought, or cold zaps blossoms I always try to tell myself maybe next year will be better, lol.

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