30 brix Bings, well six of them...and a peek at Nadia

I still haven’t figured out this sweet cherry thing in terms of a real crop. But man this yrs couple of Bing’s sure are potent! Extremely sweet and high acid. Sweet cherries are the easiest fruit to get really sweet in my greenhouse.

Next yr I’ll make the yield… ya sounds just like the last 10 yrs…I think there’s a chance!!

The Nadia is bigger than it looks because the Bing is closer to camera. Nadia is bigger than Sweet Treat.


Those bings look delicious. And so does the Nadia. How much longer will it hang and how will you know it’s ripe?

Nadia will be ripe when it starts to soften. That’s how I judge ripeness on all my plums.

Other than being shaped somewhat like a cherry Nadia looks like a plum.


Plz let Us know the taste as soon as Nadia fruit ripened. I sure hope it is a good one.


Wow, I have cherry envy :frowning: :rage::cherries: All my set fruit this year - and there was a lot - aborted. Every single fruit. Not one single cherry this year, despite having what must have been a good chill hours winter, as everything else set and held just about (except Cot-N-Candy, which did the same damned thing).

How big were the cherries when they aborted? That seems really strange assuming they were actually pollinated.

About the size of a small elongated pea? I was very bummed. I am assuming they were pollinated, as they set. Do cherries set non-pollinated fruit? I thought it was an “all or none” proposition for cherries. Either they were pollinated and set, and started to develop little fruitlets, or, they were not pollinated, and the flowers simply dropped off.

Sorry about your loss. It hurts when this happens. On the lighter side I read this quote to my wife. Bill

First Nadia fruit in US?

gotta believe a few have fruited in the orchard @raintree since its introduction.

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I’d say that’s the norm for cherries that aren’t pollinated. The little fruit hangs on for quit some time when not pollinated. It’s much more likely they weren’t pollinated. Fruits that are pollinated don’t all fall off for no reason.

So either there wasn’t good pollen, no bees, or maybe something like I’m battling. I’m sure mine isn’t lack of chilling as I’m at 1000+ Utah hrs. The problem with mine is little pollen. The flowers don’t develop correctly. I’ve got one last trick to try and that’s temperatures after chilling ends. I’m going to keep the nights a little warmer and days cooler than I have in the past. I’d think in your area temperatures in the Jan thru March period would be pretty mild. But probably not like good cherry areas which are mostly cold winter climates.

Well, lots and lots of bees. My yard is so full of bees I can hear the humming from my upstairs window. I went down to my walk & pick orchard to see just what trees the bees were visiting, and they were mostly visiting the cherry trees. More than the pluots. I think I had about 600 ch this winter, and of course, MR and RL are very low ch cherries - 200 ch or less. So, I know it’s not for lack of ch. I didn’t look carefully at the flowers to see if they were malformed, though. Flowering had what I felt was a decent enough cross over for the first time in five years. I didn’t realize that fruits would form, though, without pollination. For me in the past, either they formed and developed, or they didn’t at all, the flowers just dropped off. None of this what appeared to be actual fruit set. The best I’ve had was about 10 cherries, but they all set and grew. This year, I probably had about 100 to 200 appear to develop, then stop and abort. It was very weird.

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My Cot-N-Candy that I planted this year set three fruits, but the wind knocked them out.

Well, went back and looked carefully, and found ONE cherry between the two RL and MR trees, and two Cot-n-Candy apiums. On a positive note, I have had a very decent set on Spice-Zee Necaplum, Flavor Grenade, Flavor King, Flavor Finale pluots, plus Flavor Delight Aprium, and all my apples including Red Fuji, which has fairly high ch requirement. So, in average, a good year for me. If I can keep the birds out of the trees!


I have about 20 CnC set in the 2nd year. I had about 20 cherries set which have now reduced to 5. And I have a final count of 4 Flavor Supremes. All other trees have set great amounts.

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Fruitnut’s Nadia cherry plum picture made me buy a other one today .


7 ft tall from Flower World local nursery, hopefully will set some fruit next year.

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They call it a ‘Dwarf’ ? Rootstock St. Julian.


yes, it’s strange.

It is not that strange if you think in a relative term. A cherry tree can grow to 30+ ft. St. Julian can grow up to 15-16 ft. That is dwarf by comparison.

We often think that “dwarf” means under 10 ft tall. That is what those who do not prune their “dwarf” trees are surprised by their “dwarf” tree height.