35 cent mangoes

Mangoes are pouring in from Mexico. I bought a case of them and they are delicious!


“The Wall” should fix this problem soon enough…


I bought some for .79 maybe a week ago from walmarts… delicious.

I noticed the first apricots out of california at the grocery store yesterday.

Not going to be much for peaches out of the SE by the sounds of it…everything will be california/west…

as the mexican mango trees get older, the retail price and quality of fruits assume an inverse relationship-- the former decreases considerably while the latter increases drastically :thumbsup:

mexican mangoes ten years ago were the other way around…

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Any clue on the variety?

seems to be a mix of tommy atkins and hadens, but not sure

If @clarkinks thinks they’re delicious, then definitely not Tommy Atkins.

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Delicious in a " They came from the grocery store" way. They are very good tasting and pleasant. They taste exactly like mango is suppose to taste. Mangos are a fruit I actually crave. Some of the smaller ones I’ve had before are a little better. Mexico has a lot of sunshine which gives fruit a nice taste.

T. A. isn’t the best, i agree, but they can be good-eating when eaten semi-ripe(but mature).