5 degrees and I'm going pruning

I’m sure a lot of you took advantage of the warm weather to do what pruning you could early but I only got a few days in during the strange warm stretch. Now thing’s are back to more normal temps for Jan. and I’m not at all used to it.

I doubt I will get any 8 hr days in until it warms up- I’m waiting for the sun to come out. Today it will be fairly decent but last two days were brutal because of the strong wind gusts. I expect it will only be uncomfortable for the first hour or so.

When people tell me I’m crazy to go out on the really frigid days I tell them there are skiers outside braving colder temps right now- and they aren’t even paid to do it.

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Is it ok to prune apples in winter? I have a tree that i plan on butchering… i might wait until after next week after the polar vortex comes through.

They are crazy too :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I need to find a place where the “winter” consists of a month or two of days with ~30 degree lows and 50 degree highs (just enough for chill hours).

I think you’ll be looking at a space in fruitnut’s greenhouse!

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We’ve had some miserable days and Lubbock was shut down 5 days by 11 inches of snow and high winds. It was bad enough to kill 30,000 dairy cows between Lubbock and Amarillo. But we mostly have 50-60F and sun all winter. It would be very hard to move to a place like Denver where I spent Xmas.

You should move to Portland. Although its more like 30 and 40.

Apple trees are tough. As long as it doesn’t get below -20 for a couple weeks after pruning even young trees should be fine. I’ve never seen damage from pruning before extreme weather down to about -22.

Peaches are another story.

You could always move to where they do their winter pruning barefoot…

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Good to know on the pruning…i might start working on it if we get a nice sunny day.

I’d like to be on a sailboat right now…in the Bahamas…just bobbing up and down…no deadlines, no schedules, just me and a couple of island girls…i mean my wife… :slight_smile: bottle of rum, a good book… man i love Wisconsin.