6" New snow last night,

Thawing now, and -1F predicted for Monday night …

55 F just a few days ago!

Who knows what springs going to bring?


We are supposed to get 3+ inches of snow tonight. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday it’s 69 and 71! Can’t deal with ups and downs.

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Yah, wacky here in Orygun, too. I don’t know what constitutes a ‘hard freeze’ but we’re scheduled to have 39°/22° for the next two days. We had up to 60°/40° for a couple weeks. Lotsa tiny buds on the trees. I’ve never covered my still-new little figlets. Maybe I should.

We’re supposed to be above freezing for the next 5 days and below freezing every night. 65F predicted for one day this week in upstate NY, southern Adirondacks.

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It was 68 degrees two days ago. Now we have 5 inches of new snow with temps in 20s. 75 by mid week. I bet we will be in for another crop loss due to early warmth and late freezes.

I’m pretty sure that 22 would qualify for a hard freeze. Good luck up there. They are calling sub freezing down here as well. Guess it’s the west coasts’ turn to get cold.

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6" overnight, and 70 Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope my trees don’t bud out early.

Tucked between the Great Lakes it buffers everything. This is the time of year I like that. It buffers the heat as well as the cold. It has not been above 60 here, just topping 50 was the warmest, so everything is very dormant here. Even the snow seems buffered we got 1/2 inch.


Well, we got our snow, more coming, and wind through President’s Day, with temps projected to hit -9 F tomorrow night. We’ll need a week to climb out of this, but it should -repeat, should- be the worst of it for the year.

I don’t care. The minute it gets to thawed enough to put down some lettuce and spinach seed I’m on it! (prepped the soil last fall and can’t wait). But shoveling has been a bit of an adventure and I’m ready to be done with that for sure.