7-31-16 fig offerings

This is a double post from one I just put on a fig forum, so I apologize if you already read this,

-Extremely Dry April thru last week of July maybe total of 4 inches total very patchy rain locally and many trees suffered to point of yellowing and losing significant foliage and really limiting my spring growth flush. I was only able to water this years in ground planted. I think this dry pattern would be fine after a full season in ground to establish their roots but not really this year but it was a bridge I had to cross and with a mild 1st winter glad I did go inground waiting longer and with more pot-bound roots I think would have made establishment tougher in ground.

And right as my main crop starts to ripen my rain patterns changes and probably close to 5 inches in last week, so not ideal and really afraid the SWD will arrive soon. SWD LOVE RAIN conditions and can explode populations in MOIST conditions.

But enough of the verbage and on with the figs.

Good partner for homemade Goat cheese

Takoma Violet



Troiano Calabrese


Hardy Hartford

LSU Gold


Owensboro UNK

Celeste by a couple others names but pretty sure of id

Natalina. I think there is a green fig that goes by this name as well



Awesome harvest.


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Phil, that’s still a beautiful crop. :slight_smile:

Here in central SC, we’ve also had no rain that was enough to soak into the ground for a very long time combined with a very hot summer. The storms, as you said, have been spotty and, other than some strong winds and electrical activity, missing my place. I can tell you that under these conditions, more established figs do hold up longer, but even my tree that has been in-ground for around 20 years has many yellowing and dropping leaves. On two occasions in the past few weeks I’ve run a hose for the course of an afternoon to soak the ground under its entire spread. For the first time ever, it started dropping figs shortly before ripening. I probably lost about 20% to early dropping. The main crop on that is finishing up now. The figs, for a great part, were smaller than usual.

Younger, though still planted several years ago, bushes are in worse shape. They’re almost leafless now. Those bushes are also in less friendly soil, and I haven’t been able to water them as deeply. The ones that were just planted this year and my Black Mission are fine and continue to grow. They’ve gotten plenty of water. Last summer was also dry and brutally hot, but we did get at least one decent rain per month last year. That was enough for the figs to survive.

I was eating figs and goat cheese last night, too! I’m sure yours was even better, since your cheese was from your own goats instead of the grocer.


natalina photos of the variety are this year?
I have also the natalina variety, this variety is Italian and natalina means Christmas -

This variety produces fruit in November and December, which is why I ask the date Photo

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Great looking figs! Your figs are impressive!

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Yes all the pics in this thread were picked yesterday 7/31/16. The Natalina is from a potted plant, my inground was small when planted inground last year and froze to ground but coming back. Natalina is what it cam labeled to me as but I have heard there are 2 by this name. Have not seen much on it. It’s probably hoping to much to find a fresh fig in my stocking Christmas morning but I can always hope. Last year I have recorded 8/5/2015 as 1st fig date. I have seen the references to it being a late fig but this one for me not really. Does it look like your Natalina? Would not be the 1st I got that was not true to type. Here is one thread discussing them Unknown Forum

my fig tree natalina this potted and has not yet produced figs, maybe next year