A couple quick peach observations

We generally have a few peach varieties on trial, at any given year. A couple varieties are getting mature enough to make a small observation about bloom.

Biscoe, even though an old peach, is a new trial for me (planted 2018). I noticed that it has a lot of swollen buds which appear to be behind other peaches I’ve tried for that window (in other words on schedule to bloom later). Buds on Biscoe are even tighter than Madison (which is also a late blooming peach for that window). I’ve no idea of the quality of the peach.

PF19-007 is also mature enough to notice the blooms (planted 2017). Like Biscoe, it’s supposed to perform well in questionable climates. But it’s blooms are considerably farther along than Contender, which ripens in the same window.

Contender and Biscoe are both from the NCSU breeding program.