A Facebook page for this group. Yes, No?

Since this is a very informative group, I think this group should have a Facebook Page so other people who have strong interests in gardening could easily reach us via the Social media.

What do the administrators think? Yes, No?

I’m not an admin, but here’s my reaction to that question. Why go to the bother of being on FB? It would just be one more thing for admins to monitor. The information and availability is already right here, freely accessible to anyone without containing annoying advertisements. Sign up is quick and easy for anyone wanting to post. It’s already easy to reach us. Forums ARE social, and they are on a media.

The growing fruit forum is also continuously monitored and moderated by all regular members. You don’t get that on FB. We have the ability to have spam eliminated from view immediately.

For those do utilize FB, promoting the forum to others who share the interest in growing fruit is, I think, a good idea. But you can do that through your own account in a more personal way.

When I hear mention of FB, I don’t have a positive reaction. You, though, must perceive advantages because you presented the idea. What advantages do you believe a Growing Fruit org account on FB would have? How do they outweigh any disadvantages?


No. I’ve seen forum activity decrease after facebook pages were created. Also facebook is a very poor venue for serious discussions. Growingfruit is already a very active forum. It’s hard to keep up with all the activity. This is an excellent forum with an excellent group of members. Let’s not mess with it.
A high percentage of Facebook posts are trivial. That’s fine for people who enjoy that type of communication but I would not want to attract that here.


I vote no. Facebook draws people who purely want entertainment of one sort or another. Its very rarely a good place to have serious discussion.

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I also vote no. facebook is exactly as described above. Publication on facebook of certain aspects of fruit growing would likely be censored or receive unwanted attention, much like a switch back to a for-profit advertising managed forum.

I don’t see any point in having one, so would also vote no.

Vote No, I also noticed growingfruit.org started appearing near or close to related gardenweb threads when doing various fruit related searches via Google. Word is spreading :open_mouth:

Please NO!

What’s Facebook?

Seriously, I almost never go there so I will add mine to the downward green thumbs.


I think this forum is awesome the way it is. So no need for other mass media involve with ads involve.


I don’t have a facebook account nor do I ever want one. I’ve seen other facebook pages of other people in my family and all I have to say is run away! It’s not worth it…we have a better caliber of people and knowledge here without it. Two green thumbs down! :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

No please

FB sucks. Unfortunately it is bringing death to forums and providing a more vapid landscape.

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Ditto, ditto.

No, no, no, please a 1000 times no!

IMHO FB is for shallow thinking if thinking at all.


when I first got a facebook account I was almost immediately contacted by a former co-worker that I was in love with. We swapped several messages and I was very happy… then I started getting other friend requests. Mostly from people from high school that I had forgotten about on purpose. I quickly lost interest and do not use FB at all.

Vapid-the perfect descriptor for it. Im closing the few I run over there soon.

And now that I looked up the def of vapid I’ve decided to (re)introduce it to my vocabulary. It is also a good description for much of the commercial fruit
available, or eggs, or meat, or most hollywood movies…

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I respect your decisions.


And I appreciate your suggestion. I am surprised by the unanimous opposition to it. In my social circles I’m the rare bird that doesn’t often click into Facebook- it’s interesting to me that my fellow fruit obsessers share my attitude about it.

No, No, No