A host of probs (with pics)

This has been a pretty crappy year for my orchard, despite no late freeze and pretty good conditions. I thought I’d post four pics to show what is going on, and what steps I might take to fix it.

  1. Pears:
    Pears have always been pretty good for me, but this year, at least three trees have the same issue - brown wilted leaves. Already my Blake’s Pride pear is a goner, and I gave it the same amount of care as always.

  2. Plumcot:

    This is the first year Spring Satin has fruited, but… that clear sap stuff is present everywhere. Not just in this tree, but:

  3. Nectarine:

    I asked about this Yumm-Yumm Nectarine last year, but there are some truly gross fruit on this one, with the same oozing stuff as the plumcot, as well as what it had last year.

  4. Pluot:
    I’m pushing zone here in 5b anyway, but I thought I might get lucky with a few of these. But that isn’t the problem, it’s the small holes in this and my other plum-related trees that threaten to skeletize it if I don’t do something soon.

I’ve searched other threads on here, but couldn’t find these specific issues. I know some of these might be patently obvious, but it can’t hurt to just throw the question out there! Thoughts?

Oozing of fruit is usually PC for me. They, along with squirrels have been the bane of my fruits existence.

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You need a good spray program. Scott had good results with surround.


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Without using insecticides, almost weekly and fungicides too, plums and peaches cannot be grown as you’re finding out.

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