A Juicy Pawpaw Thank You!

OK…finally got the Brushy Mtn pawpaw project kicked off with the professionals down at NCSU Herbarium this week. I sent along stem and flower samples, used the only flowers open, seems quite late as the apples started blooming this week.

So I wish to thank Ryan for handling all that scion wood, (I probably need to send him some postage for mailing 60 pieces). Also, Carl has given me guidance to folks/farms in our area with interest and pawpaw knowledge.

I came to this site to work on Limber Twigs, and now, haha, pawpaws!

If I could collect 10 bushels of ripe pawpaws, me and my old good fishn’ buddy Red Slackjaw would brew up some tasty libations, Pawpaw Vermouth, shoot it’s good!

To be continued…sorry folks.


Thank you! I am a recipient of one of your cuttings! It is much appreciated!

Wonderful, Ryan is a champ for distributing the scion wood! I hope the cuttings do well for everyone. The tree isn’t feeling well, very few bud sets this season. I hope to live long enough for some of you folks’ reporting. It’s a winner of a tree.

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Checked the old tree today, collected fully opened flowers for pollen samples. The flowering is extremely sparse across the crown and the flowers are very small and again, dark purple/black.

I’m cooling it in a USPS Priority box and will mail this eve to the NCSU Herbarium as a second sample.

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