A Little Advice Please

I live in the mid south of Tennessee. I have three lower limbs on one of my fig trees that have rooted. I covered the area with dirt and they are totally rooted in. Now comes the difficulty. I need to separate the branches from the tree. Then dig up a sizable rootball. Can I place them directly in the ground or do they need some time in containers? They’ve been rooting since the spring. Any ideas will be appreciated.

I’m no expert but ideally it would be good to wait until they are dormant to cut them and move. It kinda depends on the size of the branches. I’ve cut out small branches and pulled up attached roots and not found a container big enough. Not sure of your weather but if you put them in the ground now in the mid summer they are gonna take some babysitting to get them through. Usually if I remove a sucker or rooted branch in the summer it goes in a pot and under shade for a while to recover from cutting the umbilical cord.


Sound advice. I was thinking about that too. Was planning on separation around the end of November or after the first frost whichever comes first. You know…when the leaves start turning yellow and dropping. It’s what we do when planting young trees.

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I did a couple like that this year. Wait till late winter or spring to get them. I did not dig much at all and nearly ripped them up. Then planted immediately and now they are doing great. I am now of the opinion that figs are the toughest fruit tree there is. Trying new methods in the air now.