A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Mostly just entertainment

Southern Bartlett trial graft on Kieffer limb.

Kieffer Buds

Long Gala limbs grafted pointed down approx 18".

Goldrush side grafts originally pointed up.

Left is Winter Banana/Bud9/Enterprise 2018. Right is Unknown Asian pear/Yates apple/Bud9/Yates apple 2019. Main Limb is Ayers pear.

Winter Banana/Bud9/Goldrush 2018. Main Limb is Ayers pear.


I wasn’t sure what category to put this tread so I settled on pictures. I also considered putting it in the grafting thread but most likely these grafts would not be commonly used.


Confused on the pear/apple graft. I didn’t think that was a go.

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I graft a few pear/apple scions but only as entertainment. My post wasn’t intended to indicated that the method worked long term.

I kmow just enough to ask ridiculous questions. Que lastima!