A new perlite convert?

This is first season of using perlite for my summer fig cuttings. I was well amazed. the only problem is the aclimatization after taking the cuttings out. Any ideas.

What I am leading onto, is what do you do with the used perlite.

Do you throw it away and use new,
do you just resuse,
do you bake in the oven or microwave to kill germs.
Or do you mix with compost for the firtst potting.
Any suggestions.

Also looking at using perlite in a large electrcal propagtor, this winter. But have concern about watering, not electrically, but because the propagator has no holes in the bottom, to drain excess. Any ideas or photos of working setups plz.

Is the bed totally perlite or do still bed cables in sand, then perlite topping.

Many thxs

Dry in the sun and reuse. If you fear the lack of sterility, rinse it out with bleach water then dry it out, but I doubt there’d be any problems if diseased plants weren’t growing in it. Perlite has no expiration date if you don’t crush it.