A. plum as a peach or cherry rootstock?


I have a Nadia tree. Bought it as a donor. I plan to graft it as much as possible and have several grafts that have already taken. Will be removing it later next year. Only have room for just so many trees. Have been"Gorilla Grafting" lots of trees on public land that is unsupervised and full of invasive species. It’s legal to remove them them. Favorite thing to do is convert invasive Bradford Pear to domestic pear trees. Kids seem to be more aware than adults. They find them and enjoy them. Thinking about doing the same to ornamental crabapples. Our whole country is so ignorant about utilizing public spaces for useful purposes.


I’m guilty…my fav graft…edible pears on Bradfords…give those Bradfords a sense of purpose


Id like to experiment grafting something has cherry heritage such as Nadia to my plum tree. Very interested in seeing your result too


My experience is that you want to start with a rootstock that’s a larger tree than any Scion you graft onto it. I bought a Black Tartarian Cherry. It’s the largest of all the stone fruits and it’s the longest living. So far I have 12 varieties on it and have plans to add 20 more this year. The smallest is the apricot, then Apriums , peaches, nectarineare, plucots, plums, cherry/plum,
then cherries being the largest.