A surprise seedling

June 2017 I rooted some fig scion in 75% perlite, 25% potting soil. Beginning of August the cuttings where moved to individual pots. The container with the rooting mix was moved to the shed. Earlier in May some apricot seeds where germinated in a different container and potted.
Now 8 months later I was in the shed and noticed what I thought was a weed growing in the container with the perlite mix and I pulled it out. To my surprise a seed 3 inches deep in the container had germinated in a container that had not been watered for 8 months. It looks like an apricot and I don’t know how it got there. I’ll grow it and see what it is.


Yeh that’s cool. I have had surprise plants too, always fun!


my aronia and currants like to root lower branches. when i spring prune i always get a few rooted branches. i pot them , grow them out, and give to friends and neighbors.

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I had a surprise fig last year that came up in some mulch I put around a tree. Obviously it wasn’t a "seed"ling but I’m still completely mystified how in the world that thing got started! Nature finds a way, just like your new plant.

I’ve decided to grow out a couple peach seedlings for fun. I know my odds of getting a good peach are almost zero, but it will be fun seeing what I do get. Same will be true with your new plant. good luck!


birds are the best speeders of plants in the world!

From what I’m told, your odds are actually pretty good for peaches, which are decently true to the parents. It’s apples that are all over the place.

I wondered about that. I know a man who had a peach tree he didn’t know any better and when a seed sprouted up under it he replanted it and it produced pretty good peaches. I’ve wondered since then if he was just incredibly lucky or if peaches weren’t as likely to produce duds as I had heard.

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