A tour around our growing fruit!

Central Massachusetts on an uncharacteristically warm May day:

Peaches - I love how they are fuzzy from the very start!

Plums - this tree & its neighbor are just loaded with fruitlets. I’ll have to do quite a bit of culling next month. Fingers crossed for a good harvest - we’ve never gotten more than a handful of plums in the past

Pears - this is the best year yet for flowers and fruit. 1 tree is loaded, the 2nd has some, the 3rd is still maturing.

Apple - the new varieties I planted last year as bare roots are growing well. It will be a few seasons before they flower. This old apple tree is the centerpiece of our orchard. I’ve been slowly rescuing it from serious overgrowth. Over the past 2 years, I’m seeing new growth that will become new scaffold branches at a reasonable height.

Peach grafts - about 4 of the 12 are showing green growth in the scion wood!



First signs of flowers on the day neutral strawberries I planted this year!

And first thornless blackberry flowers

Not pictured: hardy fig, nectarine, sweet cherry, and 3 apple varieties, all planted between last year and this, from bare root plants and 3 blueberry bushes.