A use for Japanese Beetles

Step 1: Fill a small container with an inch or two of water. Wander the garden to and fro, knocking any beetles you find into the container.

Step 2: Hey beetles, I forgot to mention that this container is also a food processor. Check out that blade.



Step 5: Dump mixture into fish tank. Fish love fresh, organically grown food!

-Do not use soapy water, as that is very bad for fish.
-This beetle control method is best performed while the wife is not home. Please, nobody tell her what I did with her food processor.


Wow. Just like in the movie but I like it.


Was that a Bass-o-matic?

Holy Beatles!

It’s the mini version of Friday The 13 and what Jason does during his free time, a feeding frenzy at his fish tank! :grimacing:

I like it too!


will it blend?

Funny post…love it!

For real though, you don’t really use that processor later for food…do you?

:stuck_out_tongue: still laughing!

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I would soak that food processor in Vinegar for a day or two to clean it before anything else goes in it. Lol.


That brings new meaning to the term “fish emulsion”.

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I have a similar fate for my jap beetles. I have a fairly large flock of free range chickens (25-30) that roam all my property. I sometimes spray soapy water on my bettle filled trees. It doesn’t really kill them very well but usually disorients them enough that they fall to the ground…at which point they are immediately snapped up by my chickens! In fact, my chickens often follow me from tree to tree so they can enjoy the tasty treats! It adds great variety and protein to their diet. I’ve never seen the slightest ill effect from the soapy water. In fact, I first discovered this when I was spraying seven dust liquid and noticed my chickens were lapping up the dead bugs. That kind of concerned me that they were eating bugs that were obviously exposed to the insecticide, but they never seemed to be the least bit affected by that either. But just to be safe, I switched to soapy water.

:laughing: Come on, just bugs, I heard lobster is a big bug

I think my Ciclids also enjoy those beetles paste.


I have heard that chickens really like them. The permies like to talk about growing grape vines over the chicken coup, and then giving them a shake every morning to provide the chickens with a beetle snack.

Beautiful tank, Tony. How big is your pleco? I swear, mine isn’t nearly as yellow as my poor pictures make it out to be, but it is a natural-style planted tank, so it’s not exactly crystal clear, either.

The pleco is 12 inches long and about 7 yrs old. He ate all the algaes and all the bits sank down the bottom. The tank is 180 gallons so all the fish had plenty of room to grow and roam. I also got an enclosed bucket filtering system under the stand that kept the water clean. I changed the water every 3 months or so.


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Beautiful tank, Tony.

The biggest I ever had was a 120G. Discus is what I always fancied and raised. Bur I currently have none in the new house. Maybe later…