A wet 10 days

Finally got a break from the 10 days of raining and catching up on mowing the lawn. More rain this weekend. Have to re peat spraying for PC and it is a task.



We’re also having a good year for rain here in the coastal areas of San Diego county. We’ve had 1/4 inch over the last 3 days and are well above our annual averages which run from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.


What do you have, a 10 acre lot? :smile: So jealous of the space you have and how neat you keep your lawn.

It’s been warm (70-80 F) and mostly dry here, MA, for the past 7 days and look like it’ll be warm for a few more days.

May rain on Monday but only 50% chance. I don’t mind some rain now but not 10 days in a row, please.

Love to grow fruit trees and in the evening shooting deers on their behinds with a high power pellet gun.


Do PC attack your paw paws?

Is that a stream in the back there?


PC does’t bother paw paws at all. Once in a while, the Japanese beetles will try to chew on some leaves but they would rather go after the J. Plums and the Asian persimmons. Frank, when I built my house 9 years ago, I had the builder to put in a small hill with about 45 degree angle and about 30 yards wide and long ways in the back. I planted most of my fruit trees there so if the fruits drop then they just roll down the hill into the Creek. Less mess for me to clean.