A Year in Beginning A Nursery

Hello everyone:

I started the first week of Jan. 2020. Yesterday October 17th I put my grafts away which will be kept a few degrees above freezing. Everything made of wood I had to build around the 4" x 30" Treepot containers from Stuewe & Sons.

Hot Callus Grafting:

I ran (3) hot callus pipe’s thru winter. After the grafts run their usual 3-week course shown above they are put in a refrigerator until all frosts have passed and are potted up to grow. Potted grafts are kept as cool/cold and as dark as possible, too.

Time to rip down the old and start afresh:

Plant a garden always, I incorporated plants into my benches/tables:

Keep em watered & weeded; watch em’ grow:

Time sure passes, quickly. It’s Fall and I begin hand defoliating the trees to keep the pots free of leaves and from passing on any infections, and to not bring leaves into my winter storage area. It also puts the trees to sleep a bit earlier:

Build, build, build. Time to build, again. And, reinvent the wheel:

(260) 4" diameter Treepots (of any height) will fit beautifully in my heavy-duty benches that easily go up or go down:

Time for sleep.



Everything looks great Dax. Your hard work is getting good results.



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Wow Dax, it looks fantastic, good luck with everything! What an incredible effort!

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What are you growing this year?


It looks like you’ve got your system pretty much down! About how many trees do you think you’ll be doing annually? And are you going to sell locally, online? A mix? Either way, good luck!

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Mrs. G. thank you!!!

grafted: persimmons, pecans, hickories, hicans, pawpaws.

online. I don’t have a website yet & my crop won’t be ready till next Fall. I’ve got enough space to continuously have between 260 and a few more trees.


You are so meticulous. May your business be prosperous.

The rootstocks you sent me a few years ago have grown well.


Tippy, thank U :green_heart: Girl.