Accidental Hornet Discovery

I was out spraying when I noticed my poor seckels being ripped to pieces by hornets. Out of anger I sprayed the tree with the copper fungicide I was using and hornets immediately left. It’s been 5 days now and they have not returned. Might be on to something.


Just curious what kind of copper spray you use and for what purpose?

Bonide copper fungicide. I found it and several others on super discount last year. So I tried all of the cheap sprays for brown rot this year and none really work that well. I have since switched to the big dollar stuff, just trying to get rid of the others for other problems.

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GOOD to know!
Sometimes you have to use stuff for purposes not on the label!

So as a fungicide during the hornet fruit season?

I always thought copper could be damaging to green leaf tissue

Spray copper should not be done just to get rid of it. It is heavy metal that could accumulate in soil. It could damage leaves, too.

The label does not say any of that. Below is their ad. I was spraying for rust and other stuff after I found out it was only OK for brown rot.

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Bonide makes good stuff…too bad they don’t have the marketing budget of a Bayer.